Cobra Baffler Hybrid Review

2005 has been the year of the hybrid… everyone seems to have them. I remember the original Cobra Baffler years back and how I just laughed at it. Why would someone want to hit this? It looks so different! 

The original Cobra Baffler and the original TaylorMade Rescue club were ahead of their time and customers never really warmed up to them. My… how times have changed! Now you’re not a legit golf company unless you have a quality hybrid club. The Baffler is Cobra’s entry (or should we call it a reentry) into the hybrid/utility club market.

Cobra specializes in game improvement equipment. And why not? The majority of golfers are looking for game improvement choices. The Baffler features a 17-4 stainless body with a maraging insert. Maraging steel is harder than traditional steel and the face on the Baffler is hot! The club is about the same size as most other hybrids on the market and it is fairly appealing to the eye. The sole features a slight contour which acts as a spoiler… making it easier for the club to glide across the ground. The center of gravity in the Baffler is low and the club hits a high ball… exactly what consumers are looking for in a hybrid. The stock shafts in the Baffler are actually pretty good although custom options are limited and they take a long time to get! The Nippon NS950 steel and Aldila HL 65 graphite are good shafts for most golfers and they both provide a high launch angle.


The Baffler fits Cobra’s game improvement mold to a “T”. It’s easy to hit, it hits the ball high and it’s great on miss hits. Our testers really liked the Baffler for these reasons and we really didn’t have any complaints regarding the club. I sell a lot of these on their own but I also see a lot of consumers go with a Baffler #3, #4 along with the Cobra 3100 irons from #5-PW. It is a great combo. The Baffler’s price is right around the same level as it’s competitors and anyone looking for a hybrid should give it a try.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap – Pretty much anyone although I sell most of these to higher handicappers


Ball Flight – High


Lofts – 18, 20, 23 and 26 degree


Shafts – Nippon NS950 steel, Aldila HL 65 graphite


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