Name It: Radical New Nike Driver

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This new patent by Nike is like a cross between a spaceship and the VR Driver – talk about innovative. This design is a step away from golf’s traditional driver shape… but may be too “out-there” for some.

What do you think Nike would name this new driver? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

imageimage image


  1. It will require a hell stiff shaft! Due to the location of the shaft there is going to be an enormous torque that will twist the head of the driver on impact.

  2. supershanker
    worm scarer
    the plow
    the rapper slapper
    overpriced slicer

  3. That is so ugly…no water is needed to flush that turd! JeeWhiz Nike!!!! Come on! You guys need me to send some crayons for your coloring books?

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