Wilson Staff 2012 Line-Up

Hi everyone thanks for stopping by. We’ve got some new to share with you from Wilson Golf, and a ton of new offerings for 2012. They have a pretty impressive line-up, including a two new lines of balls, two new iron sets, a driver, putter series and more. I’m itching to try the new ci11 irons after seeing these pics. What are your thought on this new line-up from Wilson?

New Wilson Staff FG Tour Balls

FG Tour X is a multilayer urethane golf ball that delivers a firm feel with low spin off the driver and long irons. Delivering exceptional distance, shot-stopping spin and Tour caliber feel that fast swing speed players love.


FG Tour is a multilayer urethane golf ball that delivers the same long distance and shot-control as these urethane balls with one major difference: the softest feel of any urethane ball on the market. In Tour and better-player testing, the feel of the FG Tour ball was favorably compared to wound balata balls, yet with modern durability characteristics. Also available in yellow!

New DXI SuperLight Driver (9.0, 10.5, HL, 14.0)

The lightest driver that Wilson Golf has ever engineered, the DXi Superlight boasts at an extremely light 269 grams. Nearly 50 grams in weight reduction as compared to most traditional drivers! What does that mean for you? Simply this: Light weight means a lower swing effort, resulting in greater club head speed, which delivers explosive power through impact, launching the golf ball further than you could ever imagine.
image image

New FG Tour V2 Irons

Introducing the latest in Tour-proven cavity-back forgings from Wilson Staff. The FG Tour V2 was an immediate success on Tour. Its powerful, boring trajectory and extremely clean, classic setup with minimal offset provide the game’s best players with truly the game’s best irons.

New Ci11 Irons

The new sleek, black PVD Ci11 delivers maximum playability for the aspirational golfer and the power and forgiveness for those wanting additional technology. Its optimal headsize and shape continues the award-winning tradition while maintaining a thin topline and moderately progressive offset, perfect for that crossover player.
image image

New Wilson Staff 88 Series Putters

Inspired by timeless Wilson putters and updated with precision milling and a black anti-glare PVD finish.

New Men’s Hybrid RS Fairway Utilities

FYbrid; it’s “fairway” and “hybrid” combined. This clever line of fairway utilities fuses fairway woods and hybrids into a single family, allowing golfers to build proper distance gapping into their game. FYbrids offer simple club selection with 1-to-1 replacement hybrids, with easy-to-hit fairway woods bridged by a unique multi-purpose FY 19.5 degree club.


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  1. I really love the look of both sets of irons, I was a Wilson Staff gamer in the 70’s and 80’s, they made the sweetest blade irons back in the day. Great to see some irons that look as though they can bring the reputation back. I can’t wait to hit both. I still play to a 1 handicap, but have reached my 50’s so the cavity backs I welcome when I am not swinging my best. Welcome back Wilson, I think these will get a lot of attention.

  2. I grew up ont the FG-17s, playing them from 1981 through 1991. when I switched to Mizuno..The FG V2s are definately more refined than the first generation FGs, especially regarding the trailing/leading edges having a little bevel to them… I play to a 4.2 and play a split set of MP-63s(3i-6i) & MP-68s(7i-PW) though I would definately take a serious look @ the VG 32s…That’s a Mizuno looking grind & I’d love to hit ’em…Good to have Staff back in the game…No one will ever touch their 62 majors…Think about that #…Incredible…Fairways & Greens 4ever…

  3. I played a midsized, cavity back, forged Wilson Staff iron in the late 1990’s and really liked the feedback they gave me. Alas, as age caught up, I found I needed the extra perimeter weighting found in oversized irons. Wilson was the leader in golf in their day. OBTW, I sill have the set in my basement as a spare for guests and my son.

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