Dunlop LoCo Fairway Review

It didn't take long for Dunlop to add fairway woods to its best selling LoCo line. The LoCo fairway woods hit a great price point and are designed for the average golfer that doesn't want to spend lots of money on clubs they might not use all that much.

The LoCo comes in at a slightly higher price than a component company wood and a lower price than offerings from the "big name" manufacturers.

The Dunlop LoCo fairway woods are made of full stainless steel and only come in the Harrison Striper Fairway graphite shaft. The head would probably be considered oversized in comparison to most. The head is deep enough that it is easy to hit off the tee but it is actually very easy to hit off the fairway as well. For a club that doesn't incorporate a lot of technology in the head, the LoCo is actually very forgiving too. The Harrison Striper is a mid range shaft that is suitable for the average player. We were actually very impressed with these clubs during testing. The ball flight was good, the club was easy to hit and the feel was decent. I keep hearing very good reviews about these clubs and I know some customers that find them so easy to hit that they don't even bother with a driver. Whatever works I guess!


Sales of the LoCo Fairway are helped by the popularity of the LoCo driver. Most people I see buying these fairway woods already own the LoCo driver and want to add more yellow shafts to their bags. The LoCo fairway will never compare to the Big Bertha or even the Cobra SZ fairway woods but I think that suits Dunlop just fine. These clubs are designed for a mid to high handicap with a small budget. There are enough lofts available that most players can find at least one that fits. If you are in the market for some fairway woods and don't want to spend a lot of money, take a look at the Dunlop LoCo fairway woods. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Overall Rating – 60%


Target Handicap: 15+


Ball Flight: Mid to High


Offset: None.


Lofts Available: 3,5,7,9


Shafts: Harrison Striper Fairway graphite. Only Mid Firm flex available

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