Cleveland Launcher Titanium Fairway Review

Cleveland Golf is starting to make some serious inroads in the woods business. The Launcher Titanium is the second version of the Launcher fairway woods; the first being stainless steel.


The Launcher Titanium is different than most fairway woods on the market today. It doesn't have a special sole design, it doesn't use different metals to lower the center of gravity and it doesn't feature a low profile face to create a high ball flight. Sounds like a pretty boring club doesn't it? Well it's not. The Launcher Titanium is actually one of the best fairway woods of 2004. The club is able to keep a traditional look while providing a mid to high ball flight, long distance and great feel. The Launcher features a full 6-4 titanium head that is slightly larger than the average fairway wood. When a company uses titanium in a wood, they are able to make the club bigger without making it heavy. The other thing that they can do is alter the weight distribution and in this case make the center of gravity very low. The club is only offered in a graphite shaft and the shaft is more than adequate for the average player. Cleveland Golf offers a great selection of shaft upgrades but I recommend you shy away from a steel shaft in this club. Trust me… it doesn't work.


I think the biggest problem with the Launcher Titanium is that it often gets overlooked when a person is looking for a new fairway wood. The Cleveland name is getting bigger everyday (and even bigger when Vijay wins) but it still doesn't rank up there with the Ping's and TaylorMade's of the world. People that do hit it love it. I hear many people talk about how "hot" the face feels. Now I know that this is something that can't really be measured but you have to love the way your club feels. The larger titanium head is very forgiving and the club is pretty easy to hit. The Launcher comes in at a decent price but you must remember it is titanium and therefore will cost more than steel. The Cleveland Launcher Titanium should be near the top of your list if you are in need of a fairway wood.


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap: 20 and under


Ball Flight: Mid to High


Offset: None


Lofts Available: 13 degree, 15 degree, 19 degree


Shafts: ProLite Launcher graphite

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