First Look – Nike Dunk NG

Good evening everyone! Golf shoe manufacturers are starting to finally figure it out. For years my customers would ask for “a running shoe with spikes on the bottom”… they wanted a stylish running shoe that they could use on the golf course. Every year we hoped that a company would get it right. And every year we were disappointed. We just wanted a golf shoe that fit and looked like the running shoes we wore on a daily basis… not an all white, lame looking, old man running shoe that we wouldn’t be caught dead in.


There’s been a real shift in the golf shoe market in the past few years and the casual/running shoe selection is finally coming around. Companies like Kikkor and Puma are finally bringing a bit of “cool” to the golf shoe market. Not wanting to get left behind, Nike Golf has announced the release of these beauties…

Nike Dunk NG

The Nike Dunk NG is scheduled to be released in January. Sure they’re not for everyone but I see these doing very well.

What do you think? Do shoes like this have a place in the game? Should companies focus on traditional looking shoes? Would you buy a pair of these? Leave your comments below!



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  1. For sure they have a place in the game! I am excited about the more laid back style coming into the golf game. We dont all play at country clubs or play on tour. I for one dont want to dress like a car salesman or as if Im headed to church on a quick 18 when it 90 degrees out. Its nice to dress up once in a while for a big tourney but everday golf these are looking good! If the are comfy then size 10.5 for me please!

  2. These shoes are silly. I can’t believe they’ll sell effectively for long. They may get an initial surge due to uniqueness, but the “true” golfers out there don’t want this…

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