Adams Ovation Fairway Review

Adams Golf is best known for its Tight Lies fairway wood. A club that was introduced in 1997 that was revolutionary in the way fairway woods would be designed for years to come.

The original Tight Lies featured an upside down head and low profile giving it an extremely low center of gravity. Golfers around the world fell in love with the odd looking club because of its easy to hit design. With the Ovation fairway wood Adams has gone back to this proven design with some modifications and modernizations.
Like the original Tight Lies the new Ovation is a low profile wood. It also uses the same upside down head design as the original. Both of these design features are used for the same purpose; to lower the center of gravity. In fact, the Ovation has the lowest center of gravity of any fairway wood on the market. The club is made more forgiving by placing a tungsten weight in both the heel and toe of the club to increase the moment of inertia. The result is a club that produces a high ball flight with low spin rates for great forgiveness and distance. The shaft that Adams uses is made by Aldila and is actually a spin-off of the NV shaft. This one is designed to be more forgiving though with a softer tip section and lower kick-point. The head is available in standard, offset, seniors, and women’s models.

Despite the similarities to the original Tight Lies, the Ovation has been revamped and looks 100 times better. It is a clean looking golf club with a nice gray finish. It sets up very square with three alignment dots on the top crown. Although some stronger players my stay away from the Ovation it really can be used by anyone. It is extremely forgiving and produces the desired high trajectory. The knock on it from some better players is that it hits the ball too high and is difficult to shape shots with. For most players though this is a great golf club at a great price.

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