New Ecco Hybrid Golf Shoe

Source: New Stuff: Golf Digest

SirShanksalot Comments: Fred Couples was recently sporting this shoe at the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship. This shoe, Ecco thinks, is the start of a revolution in golf shoes, saying “50 percent of golfers goling forward will start wearing a hybrid product.” This shoe, called the Ecco BIOM Hybrid retails at $190. What are your thoughts?


BIOM Hybrid.jpg


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  1. Hey Rod, thanks for the comment. Yeah Ecco’s have been notoriously expensive, I recall a couple years back them selling $200-$300 shoes… maybe $190 is because of the economy 😛

  2. I like the fact that Ecco is being inovative and taking chances.

    Golf needs inovation right now.

    The other players are watching as seen with Street Premire.

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