Callaway's New Driver

Hey everyone, today we’ve got some interesting news from Callaway to share.  Well, “a guess” anyway, at what Callaway is working on for their next driver.  Stuart Appleby recently test drove a new “RAZAR” Callaway driver that he claimed was sent to the USGA for testing and is built to “fit your game”.  We’ve captured his tweets about this new driver and you can see them below.  Second up, is a patent from Callaway that recently surfaced regarding a new driver that seems to show a similar “movable weight technology” like the R7 through R11 that TaylorMade has been launching. TayorMade has really owned the market this year with their R11, and Callaway has struggled to keep up even with their forged composite material.  It’s about time Callaway gets into the MWT game, but this may be too little too late. Anyways, have a look at the pics below – if we spot any new Callaway drivers on the USGA conforming list – we’ll post them ASAP.  Enjoy!




Here’s the details on the new patent, and patent pictures:

The primary purpose this invention is to effectively incorporate the following three design features into a driver design. First, visible and removable weights to adjust the center of gravity of the club head using a new and novel method of affixing these weights to the club head. Second, different height skid plates on the sole to alter the club’s face angle at address (as it sits naturally on the ground). Third, a unique face design using bulge and roll values at the center region of the face for hitting straighter and more consistent shots, while having a different bulge and roll at the edge of the face to promote a more pleasing appearance to the golfer. In providing the above design features into a club head design, the golfer should have an improved driver suited to his/her needs, abilities, and preferences to hit better shots.

Having briefly described the present invention, the above and further objects, features and advantages thereof will be recognized by those skilled in the pertinent art from the following detailed description of the invention when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.


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