The McIlroy & Townsend Exchange

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Yesterday after Rory McIlroy’s first round at the Irish Open, there was an exchange of words on Twitter between Rory and television commentator Jay Townsend.  Jay commented on Rory’s course management, and ultimately blamed his caddie, which crossed the line.  We’ve collected the whole exchange to share with you below.   I agree that Rory should stand by his caddie, but he could have responded in less confrontational manner on this one.  Yes he’s 22, but also he’s a role model… What are your thoughts?




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  1. You cant blame a caddie, the final club selection and shot is on the golfer. So I believe Mcllroy’s comments are justified. He has just as much of a right to freedom of speech as the commentator and if u believe that Mcllroy shouldnt have said what he did than you need to say the same about the commentator cuz he has no right to put the caddie down.

  2. Hey Tony – thanks for the comment. Good point – it wouldn’t be the first time a commentator got on a players nerves.

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