Cleveland Offers Conformance Test For HiBore XL

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We saw Nike Golf correct a conformance issue with one of their drivers and now Cleveland Golf is doing the same thing.

Cleveland Golf has announced that they are implementing a voluntary conformance test for their right handed, 10.5 degree HiBore XL drivers. The company says that some of their drivers may not conform to USGA standards. It's important to note that only right handed, 10.5 degree HiBore XL (not the Tour version) drivers apply. 
Cleveland will offer new HiBore XL drivers to those golfers those clubs are found to be non conforming and will stamp a small "CG" on the heel of conforming clubs. The company is also offering prepaid shipping to all customers that call their customer service line.
So the question now… will this have an impact on HiBore XL sales? Probably not. Nike Golf went through a similar issue earlier in the spring and SUMO2 sales have stayed pretty steady. The conformance test also applies to only one SKU and probably won't dent sales a whole lot. I'll be interested to see how our customers react… I'll keep you updated!
That's it for now… be sure to check out for more details. Thanks for all of the emails. We're working on some answers to stay tuned!! 

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