Bridgestone's All-In-One Golf Shaft

Source: Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Has Bridgestone Invented the Golf Shaft of the Future?

SirShanksAlot Comments: Now this patent from our friend David Dawsey caught my eye. Bridgestone recently patented this shaft within a shaft, shaft. Why you ask? Well Bridgestone says this duel shaft model has some interesting characteristics. For slower swing speeds only the outer shaft will flex (as you read this, check out the pics below). The inner shaft on the other hand won’t flex until your swing speed is fast enough – this inner shaft changes the characteristics to meet the needs of these players. Now comes the confusing part, but I’ll continue it after the pics below.



image image
Okay the next set of pictures below show how the shaft performs when flexed. Fig 6 is for a slow swing speed, Fig 7 for a quick one. You can clearly see how the faster swing speed flexes both shafts. But… when you think about this and look at the pictures, something doesn’t add up. The only way that inner shaft could have flexed as shown in the image below is if the base of it is not secured to the center of the shaft like the pictures above imply.  If the inner shaft isn’t secured, how can it perform as stated. I’m confused.
On a totally other note, why would a major OEM want to build an all-in-one shaft, when they can sell two and get twice the dough? Very interesting nonetheless, what are your thoughts?

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