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Hmm, we’ve seen three interesting first looks at some clubs today, and we’re starting to notice a trend. You thought white was cool? Think again…

Today we had our first look at the Miura Forged Black Blade, Odyssey DART Tour Black Putter and the “limited-edition” (*cough*) Callaway Diablo Octane Black. Have a look at the pictures after the jump.

Miura Limited Forged Black Irons

Source:Miura Golf Introduces Dramatic Limited Forged Black Blade Iron –

This is the same finish as that on the Miura Black Wedge – reminds me of old school Cleveland Gunmetal Blades. The pricetag is steep at $275 a club, but for those of you where money is no object, you may be looking at your next set. See more details and pics at the source link above.

Odyssey DART Tour Black Putter

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Callaway Diablo Tour Black Limited Edition Driver

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There will only be 5,000 built, all right-handed (sorry Phil) with 9.5 degrees of loft. The shaft is a Project X 7C7 all-black with a Golf Pride New Decade grip. Unlike the “limited-edition” launch of the all-white S3 by Cobra, Callaway kept the price reasonable – at only $379.
Interesting stuff!


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  1. Nice putter. Im not crazy about black irons though. I’ve always been partial to a traditional looking product. Forged chrome for me thanks! 😀

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