Fake Ping G20 Irons Spotted

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Source: Ping G20 irons – GolfWRX.com, Ping G20 Irons 2011

SirShanksAlot Comments: Here’s a likely look at the Ping G20 irons, these pics are from a website that sells fake Ping irons, the G15’s that were posted here ended up looking strikingly similar to the real deal. It’s likely this trend will continue with the G20’s. We’ll post the real pics, as soon as they’re available.

Fake Ping G20 Irons Spotted
Ping G20 Irons


  1. Please list the website that sells the fake clubs so that no one will get ripped off!!!!!


  2. How can you tell if they’re fake? They look so real. Why aren’t golf manufacturers doing something about it?

  3. Does anyone know if the Ping G20 fakes play as good as the real Ping G20s? Note that the real PING G20 heads are made in China, the Ping shafts in the U.S., and assembled in the U.S..

  4. i to have been had by golffactory store uk
    they wont email me acontact number still waiting for my g20 in customs

  5. Hey Chris – with a price like that I would have to say yes, in this case their using stock photography of the clubs but what you actually get is another story. I find it hard to believe they can charge this price and still earn a profit, therefore, I imagine they are fakes.

  6. Hi Jay

    Im just about too buy off g20’s off http://www.ukgolfsale.com they seem contactable and assure me off serial numbers etc….

    Has anyone heard different ???

    Does anyone know of good price for g20’s on a legit site

  7. Thanks Juan – appreciate the heads up to our audience.

  8. Thanks for the great advice on spotting Fake Pings. Before you buy ask for the serial number and then call Ping directly to verify if the clubs are authentic. The number is listed on the Ping company website. They are happy to verify if the club serial numbers are real.

  9. Yes. Just as good. I have them for 8 years or so. Just got real set of G20 so I will know more soon

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