Adams 9088 UL Driver Spy Pics

Source:SPY PICS! – Adams 9088 Driver

SirShanksAlot Comments: Okay! First of all kudos to MyGolfSpy for getting our first glimpse of this highly-guarded new driver from Adams Golf. You may recall an earlier “rumor” post about Jamie Sadlowski tweeting that he would post pics of the new Adams driver, before his tweets were subsequently deleted. Details are slim on the beauty, the version shown below is the UL version – we’re not sure what UL stands for – thinking maybe “ultra-light” or “ultra-long” but most likely the latter. Adams also build a LDA model for Long-Drivers of America, but we’d also expect to see LS and LD models as well, which stand for low-spin and long-distance respectively. The blue shaft seems to hint at Oban Devotion as a stock shaft. Enjoy the pics! We’ll keep you updated as details come in. Additional pics over at the link above.



adams 9088 driver

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