Innovex System RLS Fairway Review

In case you have been living under a rock for the past while… we named Innovex Golf our 2005 Golf Company Of The Year. We loved their equipment, we loved their people and we wanted to spread the word about this rising company.

We reviewed their irons and their hybrids so we thought it was only fitting that we review their new System RLS fairway woods.

The System RLS fairway woods are made from 15-5 stainless steel… pretty standard. It is a great material to use in fairway woods because it is durable and easy to work with. They feature a low center or gravity… pretty standard. This allows for a higher ball flight. They feature a fairly deep face which makes them easy to use in various conditions (off the tee, out of the rough). Sounds like a pretty standard fairway wood. Let’s just give it a 7/10 and move on… right? Wrong. This thing is hot. Hot and long. I think the longest fairway wood that I have ever hit is the Cleveland Launcher Titanium but the RLS fairway is right up there! And it’s much cheaper too. So how does Innovex make the club so hot and long? They use a material called Carpenter 455 Steel to make the face very thin and forgiving. The club also features a very flat sole… something that was a real hit with our testers. The club glided across the ground with ease. The stock shafts are decent but it would be nice if Innovex offered a few solid upgrades… if they are going to keep making good clubs, they may want to increase their shaft options to appeal to more people.


I keep expecting Innovex to make a so-so club… something that isn’t really all that great… but they just keep impressing our testers. Our testers loved these fairway woods. They loved the length, they loved the feel and they loved the forgiveness. The ball flight is medium to high… some of the high handicappers commented that they were after a higher ball flight. A few better players commented on the shafts but they still hit the clubs very well. The better players really liked how all the faces were square… it made it easy to work the ball. We got two fairway woods in from Innovex for our review… a 3 wood and a 7 wood. I haven’t seen the 7 wood for about a week now… one of our testers loved it so much that they stole it… and I thought crime didn’t pay! The 3 wood has ended up in my bag… and it is not coming out! Innovex pushes their irons as the company’s “center piece”… and they should… they’re very good. I think they should make room for the RLS fairway woods though… they have a winner here.


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap: Anyone


Ball Flight: Mid to High


Lofts: 15,17,19,23 degree


Shafts: i-Steel Stepless steel, Mercury Performance Plus graphite

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