Nike SQ MachSpeed Driver Review

nike machspeed driver review

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, we’re hoping you’re getting some time to enjoy this spring – today we have another independent review, this time for the Nike MachSpeed SQ Driver. Enjoy!

Nike has unveiled the SQ Machspeed as their newest “game improvement driver”, it has an interchangeable shaft that also makes the lie, loft and club face angle adjustable. The ability to pick the ideal shaft as well as the appropriate head setup enables a player to, as Nike boasts, “correct some of the most devastating hooks and slices.”

The concept of the square club head is ultimately to increase forgiveness and the MachSpeed does just that, loading the weight behind the heel and toe allows miss hits to maintain a boring ball flight that contributes to uncompromising distance on those off-center hits. The square head could be a challenge to get over for some traditionalists but for the golfer looking to increase consistency and simply get it in play off the tee, this is a great driver. As for the sound and feel, the MachSpeed is very similar to past Nike clubs. A hollow high pitched sound makes it very recognizable and when it is hit on the screws it feels very solid and powerful, bordering on a trampoline feel. An interesting characteristic is that off-center hits feel very similar, little vibration means that there is little feedback to the hands on misses, again highlighting why this is a great club for beginners and mid-handicappers allowing the player to build confidence and focus more on the result instead of the feel.

The MackSpeed SQ is the 2010 model and is currently on sale for $178.00 from its original $339.00 making it very affordable and a great buy for someone looking for a quality club that offers optimal distance, forgiveness and consistency.

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