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Some details on the G20 and i20 series by Ping have surfaced, but unfortunately we’ve yet to find any pictures. Regardless, a GolfWRX’er with some sick contacts brought some light to this new series by Ping, and we are in debt.  We will post pictures as soon as we see them! Enjoy!

Update: Ping G20 Driver Pics Have Surfaced


G20 Hybrid (17 degree through 31 degrees)

As for looks, apparently it’s very similar to the G15 series, with a slightly darker red and more satin finish. The adjustable lie on the G20 is two degrees flatter than the G15’s.  A more curved look to it than the G15’s.

G20 Irons

Again, very similar to the G15’s, with a slightly wider sole.  The cavity of these irons features a very similar look to the G15’s but with a new soft layer on the back to help with sound, feel and vibrations.  The steel shafts also look new, with more evenly spaced steps than the traditional AWT shafts, with a unique and interesting feel.

G20 Driver (8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12)

The G20 features some added weight on the back end of the driver that they stole from the tip/hosel section.  It sits well and square, with a lower face height and sleeker look.  It was described as a nice cross between the G15 and K15 model.

G20 Fairway

Like most series, the G20 fairway woods feature a very similar look with the driver.  Lower face height, sleek look, and great performance.

Anser Putter Line vs Redwood Series

There is still some varying reports on the next putter series from Ping.  Some say the Redwood series will be discontinued, some say otherwise, we will have to wait and see.  What we do know is that Ping will be launching a “blast from the past” with an all new Anser putter line with 7 new models, with varying toe design and styles.  All putters will be built with 303 stainless steel, and nickel finish (similar look to a star shot finish on tour). One model in particular the “Anser” will feature a sound slot, with no sight line and a shape much like the Scottsdale.  The Anser 1, has a sightline and Scottsdale shape, with no sound slot. Anser 2 features a plumber neck with a slightly different head shape from the Scottsdale. Anser 4 features a zing neck. Anser 5 is a mallet face-balance putter. Head weight is similar to the Redwood line ~340 grams.  Each putter features a full cord grip.  People are liking this retro combination.

Update: Here’s a peak at their new putter headcover.

Update: We’ve spotted some pictures of the latest putter series – check out some pics below – more over at this link:

Ping Anser Putter 0 Pics Spotted

Ping Anser Putter Pics

Ping Answer Putter Pics

Sydney Putter Series

A new wide-body putter that was described as a “robot spider with weight screws”. This makes me think that our AWT patent that we posted earlier from Ping, may even be for this putter.  Great quality stick, coupled with a midsize grip.

TFC149 Shaft

This shaft was still being used in the G20 models, but with a new Tour High Balance Point version.

i20 Series

Is apparently not going to hit stores until this winter or early spring 2012.

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