Nike Ignite T60 Fairway Review

With the release of their Ignite line of drivers and fairway woods Nike has proven that they can offer alot more to the golf industry than just a fancy check mark. These clubs have seen great success both on tour and at a retail level.

Even before Tiger Woods started playing the Ignite T60 3-wood many considered it to be one of the best fairway woods around.


For the customer longing to have a club that looks like an old traditional persimmon head this is as close as you will get. The Ignite T60 has a very conventional, pear shaped head with a deep face. It sits extremely square or even slightly open at address, something the better player can enjoy. The biggest advance in the T60 is the use of a 60-gram tungsten weight at the sole of the club. This allows Nike to get 2/3 of the club weight below the equator of the ball, meaning this club has a very low center of gravity. Another advanced feature of this club is the use of cold-rolled Custom 455 Stainless Steel in the face. Not only does this allow for a thin, hot face but it enables Nike to move more weight to the perimeter of the club for more forgiveness. The T60 is available in a Fujikura graphite shaft or True Temper Speed Step steel. The Fujikura is a great shaft even for more aggressive swings although the Speed Step might not be strong enough for some.


Despite the deep club face players should have no trouble getting the ball up with this club. The large tungsten weight at the bottom ensures one of the lowest center’s of gravity around. Lots of perimeter weighting add to the forgiveness of this club but its traditional shape and deep face design make it desirable for any level of player. The general consensus among retailers, customers, and pros is that this is one of the best fairway woods around.


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap: Anybody


Ball Flight: Mid-High


Lofts: RH available in 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, and 23


LH available in 15, 19, and 21 degrees


Shafts: Ignite by Fujikura graphite in A, R, S, and X, True Temper Speed Step steel in R, S, and X
Ladies available with Graphite Design shaft

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