Titleist Japan 2011 VG3

Source: Titleist Japan 2011 VG3 H Utility Review | Golf to Impress, New Titleist Japan VG3C Driver, Titleist VG3 Forged Iron

SirShanksAlot Comments: Unfortunately, these sticks are only available in Japan and/or eBay, but man are they sweet. I’m a big fan of the hybrids. The reason major OEM’s make clubs just for Japan, is that market is willing to pay top dollar. It’s not uncommon to see $800-$1k drivers, and $500-$1k shafts. So it’s no wonder some really sweet stuff is coming out of Japan.


Enjoy more pics and information of the Titleist VG3 Series at the links above.
Titleist Japan 2011 VG3
Titleist Japan 2011 VG3


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