Wilson Fw Fairway Review

After declining sales over the last few years Wilson has re-branded itself by going back to its old Staff image. The Wilson Staff shield is back along with the red coloring and some more traditional designs.

Initial response to the new Wilson product has been good as people are really identifying with the more traditional Staff name.


One of the pieces of the new Staff line is a new fairway wood. The wood comes in two different models, the stainless steel FwS and the composite crown version FwC. This review will focus more on the FwS as the word coming right from Wilson is that the difference between the two is negligible. My local sales rep has even told me that because the size of the clubhead on a fairway wood is so small that the weight saving from using a carbon composite crown is almost nil. Now having said that, both clubs are very classic looking. They are simple designs with a mid-profile head and produce a mid-trajectory. Wilson is one of the first companies who has started experimenting with nanotechnology in their golf clubs after seeing immediate benefits in tennis rackets. In the Fw series they have gone with the Nano Tech shaft from Grafalloy. This has proven to give the club more stability on mishits as well as a more consistent performance and this shaft is phenomenal.


Testing on this club has been solid. Most customers are happy with the fact that Wilson has finally done away with their Fat Shaft technology and this club hits a nice price point as well. One comment I have heard overwhelmingly is that this club is long, mostly due to the Nano Tech shaft. It’s a great club for sort of your average player, the ball flight is a mid trajectory, not overly high, but the draw bias is appealing to most golfers on the market. So far so good for the new line of Wilson Staff, customers like it and so do we.


Overall Rating – 70%


Target Handicap: 8-25


Ball Flight: Mid


Lofts: 15, 18, 21, and 24


Shafts: Grafalloy Nano Tech RL, R, S, X

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