Adams Speedline F11 Driver Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’ll share with you an independent review of the Adams Speedline F11 Driver.

The Adams Speedline F11 Review

Adams Speedline F11 ReviewAdams Golf continues to crank out quality clubs for players of all skill levels and the newest edition of the Speedline is no exeption. The F-11 Speedline continues what Adams calls the “Aerodynamic Revolution” calling the F-11 the most aerodynamic and forgiving club ever designed. The paradox of aerodynamic clubs is that smaller is better however smaller is also less forgiving— Adams says they have optimized both.

The new Speedline has a classic pear shape, reminiscent of past Titeist drivers, however the three “velocity slots” give it a futuristic look. It sets up very square at address and instils confidence at set up. The feel is enhanced by its increased aerodynamic features, it is effortless to swing and solid on impact. The F-11 offers instant feedback on miss hits, they sound off and the feel from various miss hits is very distinct making it very easy to distinguish a heel shot from one off the toe. On solid hits the F-11 has a sharp ping sound, the sort of sound you can hear from a mile away. The stock shaft is the Aldila “Voodoo” or the Matrix “Ozik” both great shafts at the peak of shaft performance.

All in all the new F-11 is a great club for mid to low handicappers as it combines increased swing speed with forgiveness and allows for competitive golfers to trust its feel under any circumstance. Being able to immediately feel miss hits makes it a great club for players trying to get over that next hurdle in their game giving another tool to greater consistency.

The F-11 sells for $349 and is a great investment for a player looking for a driver that will be comparable to anything the market spits out for years to come.

Have you hit the Adams Speedline F-11 Driver? What are your thoughts? Share your own review below!

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