Tour Edge Exotics Fairway Review

Tour Edge developed the “Exotics” line to go head to head with the big manufacturers. After making game improvement and mid-range offerings for a few years, Tour Edge decided to expand into the premium equipment category.

The Tour Edge Exotics name is not yet established with the average golfer but the line is quietly developing a following… at both the Tour and green grass levels.

The big technology behind the Exotics fairway wood is called “Combo-Brazing”. This is a fancy name for the process of combining a titanium face and a Hypersteel body. So what is so great about Combo-Brazing? Here’s a really simple explaination… the process bonds the two pieces together without welding. So what’s so bad about welding? Welding does two things… it adds extra weight and it changes the feel of a club. If you’ve been doing your homework you know that all club companies are looking for ways to move more weight around in the head of a wood. A weld is heavy… in relation to the weight of a clubhead (we’re talking grams here) but Tour Edge has found a way to combine two pieces without adding any weight. Tour Edge also says that the Combo-Brazing process provides more feel because the two pieces are combined very tightly. A tighter fit means a more solid feel… makes sense to me.


The Exotics fairway wood has a very low center of gravity. Think about it… the titanium face weighs next to nothing and the Combo-Brazing process allows for the movement of more weight towards the back and bottom. The club is also fairly large and there is a lot of room for error. The face is square (except in the 3+ model where the face is 1 degree open) and a better player should have no problems moving the ball around. It is available in 5 different models and the stock shaft is more than adequate for the average player.


This club is amazing for a few reasons. First off… it’s really, really long. Many of our testers hit it as far as their current driver. The ball flight is fairly high but no one complained that they were “ballooning” any balls. Second… it feels great. Almost all of our testers commented on how the club felt… many mentioned that it felt just like their driver. The club is also really versatile. It’s face is deep enough to handle tee and rough shots while it’s low center of gravity and large rail make fairway shots a breeze. There are also a few downsides to report… price being one of them. The Exotics fairway woods are not cheap but they are in the same range as most full titanium woods from other companies. We also had a few testers complain about forgiveness and I think it’s safe to say that this club will never be considered the most forgiving fairway wood on the market… although it’s large clubhead helps a bit in this department. The long and the short of it… an amazingly long club designed for the low to mid handicapper, great feel, higher price but overall one of the best fairway woods on the market.


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap – 15 and under


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Offset – None


Lofts Available – 13, 15, 16.5, 18, 21 degree


Shafts – Exotics By Fujikura graphite

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