The Callaway C-Shaped Driver

Source: EXCLUSIVE! – The Callaway C-Shaped Driver!

SirShanksAlot Thoughts & Comments: This image has been around for awhile, since 2009 in fact, and frankly, I’m a little disappointed it has not been put into production yet. When it comes to the science behind this design – it makes perfect sense. Here’s the rundown:

The more weight you place in the heel and toe of the club, the better the club will perform for off-center hits. These weights will drastically reduce clubhead twisting at impact. The further away from the sweet spot these weight are – the better the club is at reducing twisting – this is why we saw that square driver trend. The other, often overlooked part of this design is the reduction of CC. 460, is the max, this club would likely be in the 300 range…. leaving a lot more room for manufacturers to play with. Finally when it comes to weight, a design like this can drastically cut down on the weight of the club, which ultimately leads to higher swing speeds.

The only problem I see with this design is trajectory. Most clubs nowadays have a weight that sits low in the center-back of the club to encourage a high-ball flight. It would make me wonder how this club would perform with simply heel toe weights.
Regardless, I hope this club will make it to market sometime soon… would love to swing it.
Some more pics at the link above as well.

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