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Spring has finally arrive (Canada excluded). For many of us, it’s time to take the clubs out of the basement, and start getting ready for the season. Buying new clothing, clubs, golf balls and re-gripping your clubs are all likely on your list. This year however, you may be interested in trying something a little more… vibrant. We recently interviewed the President of Vibrant Golf – Willis Santamaria – a company with a unique vision and product offerings for golfers looking to put some color into their game. We think their product line-up will resonate with many of you.

We are excited to share our interview with you:


1. For our readers who don’t know, what kind of products do you offer golfers? What are your most popular products?

Vibrant Golf currently offers two lines of golf club customization products. The First is our VibraCoat Steel golf shaft coating. VibraCoat Comes in two versions, VibraCoat Gold Series, and VibraCoat Standard Series. Both versions of our VibraCoat Products are ultra durable and come with a 1 year warranty against cracking, chipping and wear. The only difference in the two lines are the colors that are available in each line. Gold series colors are brighter and more “vibrant”, where the standard colors are more subdued.

Our second product line is our Vibant Golf Colored Ferrules. These colored ferrules come in 12 different colors and 4 different sizes to fit any club in the bag. They are a great addition to any set, regardless of shaft color.

We also have what we call Vibrant Golf Custom Shop. Within the Vibrant Golf Custom shop, customers can fully customize their equipment with custom colors, personal engravings on both the head and shaft of their clubs, and custom logos in assorted colors. We also have the ability to build a customer’s clubs with their preferred specifications and in most cases can do these adjustments at no charge.

Our most popular products are our Gold Series Coatings in Pearl White, Sparkle Red, and Blue. We also sell quite a few Ferrules with our most popular color being white.

2. Golf is a game built on tradition, why do you think golfers are interested in customizing the look of their golf clubs?

Although golf is a game of tradition, progress is inevitable. As more and more people are attracted to the game of golf, there is an underlying need for golfers to express their own unique personalities. Ultimately the majority of us play golf because its fun and we enjoy doing it. We think customizing clubs to suit individual personalities only adds to that fun.

Vibrant Golf Ferrules3. What are your thoughts on the recent “White Driver” trend?

I think that it is great that club designers are thinking “outside the box”. If anything, it is an experiment in pushing the boundaries of what golf equipment should and could look like. Whether it succeeds or fails, it’s a step in the right direction.

4. Paula Creamer wears pink, Rickey Fowler, orange, when Tiger used to play on Sunday’s, he wore red (ha), do colors say something about you as a golfer?

I think that colors can play a role in an athletes psyche. We all know that golf is as much of a mental game than it is a physical one. If all it takes is a splash of color to up your confidence, then why not. Either by esthetics or by score, Vibrant Golf “Makes your Game Look Good.”

Vibrant Golf Shafts5. For golfers worried about club or shaft weight, does your colored ferrules or paint finish make a large difference?

Golfers shouldn’t be worried about our products affecting the performance of their equipment. In tests, our coating adds about 3 grams to the total weight of the shaft and is distributed evenly throughout the shaft, therefore swingweights will not change. Also, because of the formulation of our VibraCoat Product, it flexes with the shaft in a way that doesn’t affect swing characteristics.

As for our colored ferrules, they are made to the same strict standards as ferrules that are made for many OEM manufacturers. They have the same weight, durability and finish characteristics as normal golf ferrules.

6. Do any Tour players use your products? If so, who? What colors did they go with?

Our products have been seen by the USGA and are allowed by the rules of golf. This means that if you are a touring professional, you CAN use our products on tour.

Currently we have one Asian Tour professional using our products in tournament play.

Bryan Saltus currently plays a set of Wilson Staff’s with True Temper shafts coated with our VibraCoat Gold Series Neon Green. His clubs are also outfitted Vibrant Golf Colored Ferrules in Light Green to go with his bright personality. Brian actually approached us with his set and chose to use our products because he likes them, not because we are paying to do so. What we have heard from him, is that he loves them. Even before playing Vibrant customized shafts, Bryan has always been a colorful guy. Now he finally has the clubs to show that side of him on the course.

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We received a sample shaft for SirShanksAlot from Vibrant Golf – check it!



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