TaylorMade Rescue Fairway Review

The TaylorMade Rescue Fairway is not a new club but we get a few questions about it so we thought it was time to review it. So what exactly is the Rescue Fairway? Is it a hybrid? Is it a fairway wood? Is it a combination of both?

I have seen lots of customers get really confused when looking at the Rescue Fairway… so let’s see it we can answer some of the questions.


You’ve probably see the Rescue Fairway… it looks like a Rescue Mid that has been squished into a low profile fairway wood. The idea is simple… combine an already low center of gravity with a low profile design to create a fairway wood that hits the ball incredibly high. People sometimes get a bit confused about this club… is it a fairway wood or a hybrid? Well… let’s look at the specs. Take the Rescue Fairway #3… it’s 17 degrees and 42″ long with a graphite shaft. Compare it to the Rescue Mid #3 at 19 degrees and 40″ long and the V Steel #3 at 15 degrees and 43″ long. So what do all these numbers mean? It means the Rescue Fairway will hit the ball longer than the Rescue Mid but not as long as the V Steel. I like to call the Rescue Fairway a “control” club… a club that hits the ball high and straight but maybe not as far as others. The sole is fairly large and it helps the club glide across the ground and the club is fairly forgiving for it’s size and the head stays pretty stable on miss hits. The stock shafts are not amazing but are suitable for the average golfer.


All of our testers agreed on one thing… the Rescue Fairway hits the ball high… too high for a lot of people. It’s low profile design makes it easy to hit off of the fairway but tough out of the rough. The design reminded some testers of the old Adams Tight Lies from a few years back. No one seemed to get real excited while hitting the Rescue Fairway… sure it hits the ball high but so do most clubs these days. Many testers mentioned that the high ball flight hampered control and a club like this would be useless on a windy day. It doesn’t feel as nice as a lot of the fairway woods on the market today and many commented that it lacked “pop” off the face. Most customers I talk to lean towards the Rescue Mid over the Rescue Fairway… it’s cleaner looking and basically does the same thing. Another negative we heard concerned the lack of lofts available. The Rescue Fairway is only available in three versions (17, 20 and 23 degree). On the upside… the club took a big price drop in the spring of 2005 and it is a very affordable option for the average golfer that does not want to spend a lot of money. The Rescue Fairway is an average club for the average golfer and it is a step down from it’s V Steel and Rescue Mid cousins.


Overall Rating – 50%


Target Handicap – 15 and above


Ball Flight – High


Lofts Available – 17, 20 and 23 degree


Shafts – LiteMetal 2 steel, M.A.S. 2 55 graphite

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