How to Feel the Lag Position

A little while ago I posted a drill called the Cart Lag Creator Drill, where the concept was to force yourself to lag the club properly by sticking a golf cart in the way of your downswing. This way, only a swing employing proper lag would avoid the cart entirely and allow you to make contact with the ball.


Lag Wall Golf Drill Tips More Distance

I also suggested a good way to get a better understanding of how the lag position should look and feel. “A great way to feel lag is to put the club up against the wall and feel as if you’re trying to drag it down the wall. You will feel immediately the position you need to club to be in.”

Elsa wrote: “I don’t quite understand the part about putting the club a wall and try dragging the club down the wall. It would be nice to get some clarification.”

Take a look at the picture to the right, it should clarify a few things. The idea here is to find a wall and stick your club up against it while you are holding the proper “L” lag position. Now, try creating some tension between your wrists and the wall by pulling down with your wrists slightly. Hold the “L” position, and the club in place. You should feel as though you’re storing a ton of power that’s ready to be released. T

his is what lag feels like. Now work to incorporate this move into your swing to gain those extra yards.

Give it a try guys!


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  1. Hey Jon, thanks for the heads up, we have fixed this image, and are getting to the other ones.



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