Golf Shoes with Retractable Spikes?

Source: The IP Golf Guy – The Golf Patent Lawyer: Golf Shoes with Retractable Spikes

SirShanksAlot Comments: Here’s a very interesting patent from the IP Golf Guy. We’ve provided a snippet here, check out the full article over on his site. This new patent is basically a cross between a metal spike golf shoe, BIC pen, and some old school Nike Pumps. Love it.
[0011] There is a great need for shoes that provide traction when needed but that do not have the disadvantages of conventional golf spikes. There is further a need for spikes that do not damage golf greens or other fine-textured grass. There is a need for a golf shoe that can be worn on the course, in the clubhouse or other buildings, and for walking on sidewalks and across parking lots without excessive wear. There is a need for a durable spiked shoe that is safe to walk in on all surfaces.

[0012] In the case of retracting spikes, there is a need for a shoe that is easy enough to operate that it does not interrupt the game unduly or require the user to sit. Such a shoe would preferably be self-contained and not require the wearer to carry auxiliary equipment or replace expendable parts.


[0013] The present invention is a sole assembly for a shoe for golf or other sports, with plastic or metal spikes that may be easily extended when needed and retracted when not needed. The spikes are activated by pneumatic pressure that is generated by the wearer’s own walking action. The selection mechanism for extending or retracting the spikes is a switch that can be operated with a single click.


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