Scotty Cameron Damascus D-009 Putters

Scotty Cameron – Damascus D-009 Putters

SirShanksAlot Comments: You guys may recall the post on Adams Damascus Putters, well, I found this older article by Scotty Cameron regarding their run of Damascus Putters – very beautiful. Enjoy!

Damascus D-009 Putters

Ancient swordmakers folded and forged various metals into weapons of remarkable strength, sharpness and beauty. With pronounced bands and whirling patterns throughout, this ultrahard steel came to be known as Damascus steel.

Scotty saw in this material a strikingly beautiful quality with unique properties that fall right into his design aesthetic. What came about were a few D-009s, a small run of extremely high quality Damascus steel putters given a unique treatment for a finish with golden–and sometimes slighty purple–hues that is truly stunning.

Never one to spare expense, Scotty invested in a few of the valuable Damascus steel ingots, got to work at the mill, and created a run of 27 putters. With every pass of the mill, new bands and patterns emerge in the putter head. This grain structure is then brought out even more with shaping, grinding, polishing and a special treatment Scotty gives them. The result: Every putter becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art.

With a drawn out “s” sound, Scotty describes these putters with one word: “Ssssssssick!” It’s his casual, fun way of saying they are so good you can’t really even describe them. But, rest assured, the D-009s are the epitome of luxury performance.

These putters were debuted to the world on October 18, 2008, at the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery at Hamamatsu Seaside Golf Club in Japan during the annual M&G gathering. For more information, visit

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