Tour Edge Exotics 2011 Line-up

Source: Tour Edge Media Centre

SirShanksAlot Comments: We’re still waiting for official release information on the CB4 Driver and Fairway woods, and the new TGS wedges by Exotics. I’m a big fan of Exotics… and can’t wait to test out their Rail Hybrid. Even the irons have a great look to them. What do you think?

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Driver & Fairway Wood 2011

Tour Edge Exotics 2011 lineup Tour Edge Exotics CB4 fairway wood


Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Rail Hybrid 2011

Tour Edge Exotics Rail Hybrid Trilogy

Exotics Trilogy Rail hybrid


The Trilogy’s unique sole and unrivaled performance makes it worthy of any golfer’s bag. The sole’s unique design features two outer rails and one inner rail that help players hit perfect shots from any lie. The outer rails move more mass to the rear heel and toe, producing a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits. The inner diamond rail performs as a rudder, guiding the clubface into a square position at impact while minimizing divots for easier-to-hit shots.
Offering inimitable forgiveness, the Trilogy features a 60-gram internal weight pad that lowers the center of gravity for more forgiving shots that get up and away quickly and easily. Plus, the club head’s multi-metal construction of a hyper-steel body joined to a thinner maraging steel face delivers exceptional rebound and a lower center of gravity.
Experience the performance of the Trilogy and discover refined power and the sensation of remarkable control.
MSRP: $159.99

Tour Edge TGS Wedges 2011


Tour Edge Exotics XCG-4 Irons 2011

Tour Edge Exotics xcg4 Irons

While designing the XCG-4 irons our engineers were asked to design a club that would deliver the stunning performance that sets Exotics apart from the others. The result is an iron that boasts our thinnest face. Measuring less than 2.2mm the face has different levels of thickness to promote distance and enhanced feel. That combined with the dual tungsten weights behind the face produce our highest rebound rate and moment of inertia (MOI – the club’s ability to resist twisting) in an Exotics iron.
A deep, undercut cavity moves weight to the outer edges of the clubhead for enhanced forgiveness and a higher MOI. The deep undercut cavity, the wide sole design, the perimeter weighting and the tungsten sole weights help to lower the center of gravity, optimize the trajectory and enhance the MOI. The result is exceptional forgiveness and a six iron with a MOI of 2,750, exceptionally high for any iron.
Creating playability across the entire set, each iron in the set is engineered to its specific task including c.g. location, progressive offset, face thickness, and top line thickness for a perfect blend of distance and accuracy. In addition, the slight offset provides game enhancing forgiveness. Many golfers tend to have an outside-in swing path prior to contact, and the hands are slow to release. This leaves the clubface in an open position and the golf ball starts left and finishes right. The XCG4’s offset hosel allows the clubface an extra fraction of time to close and gives you a better chance to hit a straight shot.
STREET PRICE (8 PCS): $679.99 Motore Graphite
$679.99 Project X Steel
$679.99 KBS Tour Steel
$579.99 Dynalite 90 Steel

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