Figure 8 – Fix Your Pull Drill

One of the best ways to fix an over-the-top swing is to exaggerate the exact opposite move.  This drill is designed to do exactly that and force an in to out swing path.  It’s a very effective drill – have a look at the video and description below on how to perform it.




Swing path refers to the path your club takes into the ball. These pictures explain the concept better. Imagine the ball being positioned in the center of each figure 8. An out to in swing path shown in purple, is our main problem. This swing path leads to a lack of distance, poor contact, and a pulled ball flight. The idea behind this drill is to get your swing to travel on an in-to-out swing path, as shown in yellow.



This drill is designed to help exaggerate an in to out swing path through impact. Start your backswing outside your target line as shown in green to the left. Swing to the top, and start your downswing inside your target line as shown in red on the right. Watch the video above to get a better feel for how this drill looks – I didn’t quite go outside the line enough, but you get the deal.

Practice this drill until you can consistently push the ball. Go back to swinging normally, focusing on the new movements you’re trying to encourage. If you are still pulling shots, you will need to continue to work on this drill.

Give it a try, and fix your pull!

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