How to Reduce Your Head Movement & Eliminate Fat Shots

head movement spine angle drillFor most players, extra head movement during the swing is a nuisance. It can result in inconsistent contact, and quite often lead to fat shots. The players on tour that get away with extra head movement, like Jim Furyk, get away with it because they are able to maintain a consistent spine angle throughout their swing. This type of swing is not something that can be taught, it takes years to perfect. So with that in mind, a simple, repeatable swing that maintains a consistent spine angle is the best approach to improving consistency and ball contact. The easiest way to maintain your spine angle is to reduce your head movement – this drill will help you achieve this.

This drill is simple enough to perform… you don’t even need a club. Face a wall, and get setup in your address position. Cross your arms across your chest, and move towards the wall until your head is making contact with it. Next, start back as if you were performing a swing – at the top of your backswing – hold the position… your head should still be in contact with the wall. Next, follow-through, focus on keeping your head touching the wall until after impact.

This simple drill will help you steady your head, and feel what a stable spine angle is like. With some practice, you shouldn’t have any issues with fat shots anymore. Give it a try.

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