What’s First? Club Fitting or Golf Instruction?

club fitting vs golf instructionIf you’re thinking of getting into golf, or simply wanted to get back into the game after a hiatus, chances are you’re in the hunt for new clubs. You’re starting fresh, so your clubs should be new as well. But before you go down the road of club shopping, fitting and lessons, let me explain a little more about club fitting.

Club fitting is now an essential part of learning the game for anyone wanting to take up golf. But here’s something to remember about club fitting – it fits the swing you have at the time. If you’re getting back into the game – your swing is going to go through a bunch of changes until you “find your swing”. Our advice? Use your existing clubs, or get a demo set to practice with and groove your swing first. Next step is lessons.

Once you’ve got your swing working, lessons should be next. Explain to your pro your plans to buy new clubs and get fitted. Your pro will work with you to ensure your posture and address position is in check, and fix any big swing mistakes you’re making. Posture is one of the most important factors that influence how your clubs get fitted to your swing.

After some lessons, hit the range and work on your swing some more. Do some shopping, find the clubs you like, demo them, buy em and then get fitted. Explain to the individual who’s doing the club fitting session what you’ve been working on in your lessons, so he can keep an eye on your posture for you. Finally head back to your pro and take some more lessons with your new sticks.

This is the best approach – practice, lessons, buy clubs, fitting, lessons. Why? Because you want your clubs to fit your swing – not fit your swing to the clubs. To do this well you have to groove your swing and get lessons to ensure your swinging properly.

If you’re in the market for new clubs, and you’re just getting into the game – please heed this advice for the best results.


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