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Profile – The Fujikura Blur was recently released to the public after having some solid feedback on tour by players like Alex Cjeka and Ricky Barnes when it was tested last May. This new ultra-lightweight shaft is geared towards better players and professionals, those who don’t mind spending some dough to get the most out of their shafts. The Fujikura Blur delivers. An interesting combination of lightweight, mid spin and mid launch is turning some heads – and this shaft has already become the stock shaft for the Callaway Octane series of drivers and the TaylorMade R11. With 8 different versions, there is a Blur to fit your swing. The ultra-lightweight shaft is labeled as the “fastest shaft in golf”, and BLUR stands for “Beyond-Light, Ultra-Responsive”.

Fujikura Blur Golf Shaft Review Profile 2011


What Makes It Work – Where to start… The Fujikura Blur was designed butt to tip to be the lightest shaft ever built. Everything from the CAGE design, to the Phantium paint finish. The CAGE construction is an interesting new technology that envelops the shaft fibers in control of the shaft stiffness in a rigid cage design to create lightweight outer walls that have the same feel and control of a heavier shaft. The carbon fibers used in the Blur were developed by Oxeon, a Swedish producer of advanced materials, that worked with Fujikura to create some of the thinnest, lightest and stiffest carbon fabrics ever made. The thinner weave means less crimping, and more fibers in the direction of loading for enhanced responsiveness and feel. Finally, the Phantium Finish, is a new low-density paint finish invented by Fujikura – the weight of the paint is so light, it may as well be invisible (up to 70% lighter than traditional paint). This allowed Fujikura to fully optimize the Blur’s stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Fujikura Blur shaft profile review 2011Who’s It For – The Fujikura Blur is positioned as a premium golf shaft designed for lower handicaps and professionals. This shaft, for most models has a mid bend point, and medium spin, producing mid trajectories. If you already suffer from a high trajectory with the driver, and are prone to ballooning, you may need to tip the shaft, or try something else. Available in 8 distinct flexes from R2 to Tour Specs X, you have plenty of shaft options to choose from. Torque levels are on the mid-end, which produces good feel, accuracy and consistency. The heaviest shaft in the line is the TS-65 X is still only 65g, the lightest being a mere 47g.

What People Say –These shafts are quite new to the market, but already there’s a ton of feedback floating around. This lightweight shaft was tested among tour players, and resulted in increased ball speed and more distance. The shaft has a mid trajectory, and produces a solid, stable ball flight with good accuracy. The lightness of the shaft really makes you feel like you can swing harder (an according to studies conducted by Fujikura – this shaft actually increases swing speed). The Blur and Diablo combination has some magic in it. Many players that are used to heavier shafts are making the switch to the Blur, due to it’s rigidity, feel and lightness – compared to many shafts, installing a Blur can reduce your overall club weight by nearly 30g, while retaining the same feel. The price tag of $299 is steep, but Fujikura is a leading edge of shaft manufacturing technology – and your get what your pay for. Would be nice to see a low-spin, low launch version.


Fujikura Blur 004

Flex- R2, R, S

Weight – 47, 48, 51 grams

Torque – 5.0, 5.0, 4.5

Bend Point – mid to mid/low

Spin – mid


Fujikura Blur 005

Flex- R2, R, S

Weight – 55, 58, 59 grams

Torque – 4.5, 4.0, 4.0

Bend Point – mid to mid/low

Spin – mid


Fujikura Tour Spec 65

Flex- S, X

Weight – 65 grams

Torque – 3.3

Bend Point – mid to high

Spin – mid to low


MSRP: $299


Fujikura Blur Shaft

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  1. The 005 R2 Flex by Fujikura. What does the R2 Flex stand for. Is it a senior shaft? Please send me the specs.

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