2011 PING Line-Up – PGA Show

Source: 2011 PING PGA Show (Pics!) – MyGolfSpy Forum

SirShanksAlot Comments: It’s nice to have a look at the Ping Putters for 2011 – they have some interesting shapes to say the least. Also like the look of the K15 Hybrid, we’ll have to give that a shot soon. Enjoy! Thanks again MyGolfSpy. For more pictures, see the link above.
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-007043400 1296102862.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-041762700 1296102866.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-075235000 1296102879.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-038232000 1296102883.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-097442900 1296102902.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-083846100 1296102907.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-056265600 1296102909.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-013107500 1296102949.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-047496800 1296102972.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-089045400 1296102977.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-050306600 1296102982.jpg

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