2011 Cobra-Puma Line-up – PGA Show

Source: 2011 Cobra-Puma PGA Show (Pics!) – MyGolfSpy Forum

SirShanksAlot Comments: Can anyone say “S3”? There’s a common theme among the 2011 line up for Cobra Golf… This is our first good look at the S3 irons and forged blades – and we’re liking what we see. Wow-factor on those shoes – are those All-stars?? Awesome! Have at look the links above for more pics.
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-053171800 1296099626.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-056932900 1296099668.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-059917900 1296099674.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-064608000 1296099678.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-039002600 1296099680.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-026154500 1296099701.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-047880300 1296099711.jpg
Attached Image: monthly_01_2011/post-30-051554000 1296099734.jpg

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