Callaway Big Bertha Titanium ‘04 Driver Review

The Big Bertha Titanium '04 came out as a replacement for the Steelhead III driver. There were a lot of consumers and industry people that were upset to see the last good stainless steel driver line gone for good.

Callaway hoped to keep everyone happy by making a full titanium driver at a stainless steel price point and the Big Bertha Titanium '04 was born.

At 360CC the Big Bertha Titanium is not the biggest driver on the market. The head is actually fairly shallow and long which is opposite to most other drivers. Callaway designed it this way to help the average golfer get the ball up in the air. The shallow face allows for more of the weight towards the bottom of the club thus getting the ball airborne. The face comes both square and closed ( 8,9,10 degree drivers are square, 11,13 degree drivers are 1 degree closed.). The closed face in the higher lofts helps fight slices. Closing the face on drivers is actually pretty common with most companies.


I think Callaway's main goal with this driver was to hit a low price point and let the average golfer with the average paycheques finally put a Big Bertha in their bags. Consumers I talk to enjoy the club and the performance it provides. The club is not as forgiving as the Cobra SZ line but is still forgiving enough for most. The club has a very solid feel and the stock shafts are more than adequate for the average player. Callaway's great custom shaft options even allow the better player to enjoy this club (a good shaft in this club for a lower handicap is the Aldila NV). Some people I talk to pass on this club because of the shallow face. They worry that the club could go right underneath a ball that is teed too high. It is funny to think that this is considered a shallow face in comparison to the clubs we saw even 3 or 4 years ago but I guess it is a sign of how times have changed. The Big Bertha Titanium '04 is a decent club at a great price.


Overall Rating – 6o%


Target Handicap: Designed mainly for the higher handicap but it should be noted that Carlos Franco has used this club on Tour!


Ball Flight: High


Offset: None. Face is closed 1 degree on 11 and 13 degree lofts.


Head Size(s): 360


Shafts: RCH 65W graphite, steel not available and not advised.

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