Cobra SZ Driver Review

I have decided to put all the Cobra SZ drivers (except the Comp models) into one section so I don't have to repeat myself over and over. The SZ is the next generation of the always forgiving Cobra line of woods.

No matter which club head size you choose you are assured forgiveness, feel and distance.

Cobra bases their design on a 9 point sweet spot system. This basically means that there are nine points on the club face that will provide maximum performance and forgiveness. These 9 points make up the sweet zone or SZ. The club head is fairly deep and comes in 400CC and 440CC designs and only the 400CC head is available in an offset. The SZ line is designed for the player looking for forgiveness on miss hits, long distance and help in keeping the ball straight. The clubs have two large weights in the sole designed to keep the club stable through impact and all the models utilize Cobra's excellent plasma welding technology (don't worry I wont bore you with the plasma welding process but trust me… its good!). These clubs only come in graphite and I wouldn't advise trying a steel shaft in them. Why mess with a good thing right?


Before writing this review I started thinking back to all the comments I've had concerning these clubs. After about 15mins I came to realize that I don't think I've ever had a negative one! I keep hearing how they are forgiving and easy to hit and how they are great at combating the dreaded slice. I find that most buyers have hit their friend's Cobra and just have to have one. I usually see these same people about a week later to buy the matching fairway woods. The Cobra SZ line is by far the best in its price range and could very well be the best on the market.


Overall Rating – 97%


Target Handicap: Different models to suit all handicaps


Ball Flight: Mid to High


Offset: Available on 400SZ only


Head Size(s): 400SZ, 440SZ, 450SZ Tour


Shafts: Aldila HM Tour 60 graphite in 400SZ and Graphite Design YS-5.1 graphite in 440SZ

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