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Source: Fujikura Blur Shaft Available Soon | Golf Gear Select

SirShanksAlot Notes: The Fujikura Blur is said to be a mid-high launch shaft, with low spin, and a torque somewhere around 4.0. We’ll have to wait for the officially release to confirm. This shaft will be the stock shaft for the TaylorMade R11 series.

Fujikura announced its latest shaft should be available in January of 2011′. The new Fujikura Blur is the latest in Fujikura’s latest assault on the high performance, lightweight shaft platform.

Introduced at the Players Championship at TPC this year, the Blur promises to be the center piece to the lightweight shafts starting to gain momentum on the PGA tour.

““It’s the lightest weave we’ve ever encountered by far,” President and COO of Fujikura Dave Schnider said.

The VEXX woven-fabric is at the forefront of the Blur’s technology. The VEXX allows a significantly lighter weight but also has the feel, torque and stiffness properties associated with a heavier shaft. The Blur is expected to be one of the first high performance sub 50 gram shaft on the market.

Schnider mentioned that Fujikura will offer a 55 and 65-gram shaft for Tour players, and the sub 50-gram and sub 60-gram shaft will be available when the Blur is launched to market soon. The MSRP is expected to be $299.

Schnider also mentioned Alex Cjeka and Ricky Barnes has tried the shaft and they reacted very favorably.

The only shaft I recall that comes close to this lightweight is the Fujikura ZCom Six. But it is expected the Blur to be a much more technologically advanced shaft than the ZCom.

You can also sign up to receive your very own personalized Fujikura Blur shaft – see the details at the link below:


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