Miyazaki DROMOS Shaft Profile

Profile – The Miyazaki Dromos series is a brand new shaft series recently engineered specifically for the adjustable driver market. This is the 3rd line for Miyazaki and features some spectacular artwork from artist Dromos. This is the stock shaft for the new Srixon Z-Star Driver. Available in a variety of stiffness’s and flexes – there is likely a Dromos shaft for your swing. To get an idea on the flexes within each shaft Miyazaki has a patent-pending international flex code which they use to distinguish the stiffness of four distinct parts of the shaft: the tip, the mid-tip, the mid-butt, and the butt sections. This system assigns four numbers, each representing a stiffness,  from 1 being an “A” flex to 9 being “XX”, to each part of the shaft. This four number code gives you a good insight into how each shaft performs for each of the four steps.

miyazaki shaft profile review



What Makes It Work – The Miyazaki Dromos shaft is the first shaft to use Quad Orthogonal Bias Techonology. This technology strategically orients the spine of each shaft layer (an area of weakness) in a different position per layer, around the shaft to strengthen the carbon fibers as a whole – and eliminate the “spine effect”. The result is a consistent feel and predictable results regardless of the orientation of the adjustable shaft. Shafts can be tipped to be stiffer and have a lower trajectory. For a better idea of how this technology works, see the images below:

miyazaki DROMOS shaft specs

Who’s It For – The Miyazaki Dromos shafts are design for better players who have an understanding of shaft dynamics, and can take advantage of them. The lowest flex available in this shaft is a R, so players with lower swing speeds should stand clear. With 8 versions and varying stiff throughout the shafts, with the use of the International Flex Code system, you can get varying ball trajectories, all with good control, great feel and reduced spin.

What People Say –These shafts are quite new to the market – but here’s what some people have been saying about them. The graphics are spectacular, and truly need to be seen up close and personal – pictures don’t do them justice. The Dromos shafts are all said to have a mid-trajectory, however the Dromos 61 hits the ball noticeably higher than the 72 and 83 models. Low boring trajectory, with minimal spin. The spin numbers on this shaft were similar to the Kusala series. Super smooth feel, and responded well when “jumped on”. No word on price yet, however, I imagine, much like other Miyazaki shafts you’re looking in the $275 – $300 range off their release in March.


Miyazaki DROMOS 61

Flex- R, S, X

Flex Code – 4423, 5534, 7766

Weight – 61, 62, 64 grams

Torque – 4.4, 4.2, 4.2

Bend Point – mid


Miyazak DROMOS 72

Flex- S, X

Flex Code – 6554, 6554

Weight – 70, 72 grams

Torque – 3.2

Bend Point – mid


Miyazaki DROMOS 83

Flex- X

Flex Code – 8876

Weight – 83 grams

Torque – 2.9

Bend Point – mid

miyzaki shaft profile review



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Miyazaki Japan Website


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  1. I have just purchased an R11 tour with a “S” shaft.
    I hate the shaft, as it feels very dead on every drive. I am getting a bit older now (53) but still play off single figures and have always had stiff shafts in my woods. My last driver was a Cleveland HiBore with a ProLaunch shaft.
    My swing speed is only 95
    I prefer a mid ball flight. Can you recommend one of your shafts

    Thank you

  2. Hey Greg, thanks for the question.

    You’re not the first person to mention that about the Dromos. The biggest difference between your current shaft and the Prolaunch is likely the weight of the shaft. I’d suggest trying a lighter shaft with a reasonable amount of torque. The Fujikura Blur would be a good idea. Or perhaps the Matrix Radix. I’d highly suggest hitting up a TaylorMade demo day and testing out a variety of shafts – but keep to ones with a lower weight and mid- high torque. Good Luck

  3. Sorry SirShankAlot59, I should have said my R11 came standard with the Fujikura Blur, which is the shaft that is very dead feeling when hitting my tee shots.
    I am going to try the Dromos, hoping that it has more positive feed back through impact.

    Here’s hoping

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