Titleist 983K And 983E Driver Review

The majority of drivers on the market today are designed for the mid to high handicap that needs forgiveness and help keeping the ball straight. Companies make their drivers really big to help with forgiveness and design them to come through the impact zone closed to prevent slices.

Titleist goes against the grain with the 983K and 983E and gears these clubs towards the better player.

The first thing that you notice when you pick up either one of these clubs is the distinctive Titleist "pear-shaped" design. This design raises the center of gravity slightly thus creating a lower, more penetrating ball flight that a lower handicap would appreciate. You will also notice that both the clubs are much smaller than the majority of the titanium drivers on the market today (983K is 365CC and the 983E is 350CC). The 983K features a flatter, more shallow head while the 983E has a smaller, deeper one. The weight biases in the two clubs differ as well. The 983K has a slight heel weight bias to close the face at impact while the 983E has neutral and forward internal weighting to help with playability and a low ball flight. Titleist offers numerous stock shafts for these clubs and there are many custom options available as well.


The Titleist 983K and 983E are great clubs if used by the right player. A 20 handicap might prefer a more forgiving Cobra or Callaway over the Titleist and vice versa for a 5 handicap. When I talk to a strong player and ask them about their favourite driver, the Titleist name comes up over and over again. They love the lower, more penetrating ball flight and the workability that the Titleist provides. They also like the various shaft options available. The club has a solid feel and has plenty of pop off the face. You will probably see more 983K's in your local shop because they seem to be the more popular ones but don't be afraid to ask about the 983E. If you are a strong player looking for a club to shape shots and keep the ball down, make sure these Titleist clubs are on your list!


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap: 10 and below


Ball Flight: Low


Offset: None.


Head Size(s): 983K (365CC), 983E (350CC)


Shafts: Titleist 4560, Graphite Design YS-6, Aldila NV 65, Titleist ProLite by Grafalloy, Titleist Speeder by Fujikura.

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