Golf Digest Ends Contract With Tiger Woods

Authors: Golf Buzz

Tiger Woods Loses Another Endorsement Deal

It was announced on Thursday that Golf Digest has ended its contract with Tiger Woods after the two sides could not come to an agreement. Woods had been with the golf magazine for 13 years and it was the second longest endorsement deal Woods had

been associated with.


Woods began with Golf Digest in June of 1997 and provided readers with tips and a few inside interviews. The readership for the magazine is 1.65 million and is the second deal Woods has lost in the last two weeks after Gillette dropped Tiger on December 31.


The deal with Golf Digest is reported to be about $2 million per year and is one of the smallest contracts Woods has outside of his on course earnings.


Tiger’s last column will be in the February edition. Woods had taken time off from writing last February to take on personal issues and just returned this last September.

Though not the largest of deals, it is another hit to the former number one player in golf. Woods seems intent on regaining his form on the course and taking time to write tips for fellow golfers is just too much out of his busy schedule.

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