MacGregor V-Foil Eye-O-Matic Driver Review

MacGregor is another company who is recognized predominantly for their irons. With the recent resurgence of the company, they have also made a strong move into the driver market.

The big selling feature of the Eye-O-Matic besides the annoying "Badd's" commercials is the "eye". This is the large grey oval on the face of the club designed to be a visual aid and to increase confidence at address. The driver is also available in two head sizes. The 380cc is a smaller head with a square setup designed for control and workability. The 420cc is a larger head designed for forgiveness. This is a common technique with most golf equipment manufacturers now and allows them to compete for several different golfer demographics. The Eye-O-Matic is a titanium driver with a beta titanium face allowing the face to be thinner, thus increasing distance. The standard shaft is a Graphite Design YS 6.1, a shaft that is very similar to the YS-6 but slightly higher in torque. This is a good shaft for the average player but someone with a higher club head speed should consider upgrading.


The Eye-O-Matic is a nice clean looking golf club. Distance and forgiveness are both slightly above average but the feel is definitely lacking. The sound of the ball coming off the face is extremely loud, almost to the point of ear-piercing. This is the biggest knock I've heard about the driver and the high price point will cause most customers to leave it on the rack. The customer service department at MacGregor is very reliable but sometimes a little slow.


Overall Rating – 60%


Target Handicap: Any


Ball Flight: Mid


Offset: None


Head Size: 380 or 420cc


Shaft: Graphite Design YS 6.1

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