Project X Graphite Shaft Profile

Profile – Project X Graphite – if any shaft can be said to have made the most noise on tour in 2010, this would be it. This driver shaft technology is working of the success of their iron shafts and provides a penetrating mid-low ball trajectory with very low spin. The shaft is geared towards better players, single digit handicaps and touring professionals and has a similar bend profile to the irons.

project x graphite shaft review profile

What Makes It Work – The Project X Graphite shafts have a similar bend profile to the Project X iron shafts, however there are some major design differences. This shaft is engineered to have three specific zones – butt, mid and tip. This designed allows Project X to optimize each specific area for optimal performance. The butt section of this shaft features something called Hex-Axial Reinforcement Technology (HART), which stabilizes this section an maximizes energy transfer. The mid section utilizes a constant taper (like most shafts) that creates even loading and unloading into impact – maximizing power transfer. Finally the tip section is double wrapped and is very firm to reduce droop and lag, which can add loft, and extra spin to your drives. This double wrapped tip is said to reduce the spin on your drives by 500 RPM than other ultra-low spin shafts.

This sandwich of firm butt, soft mid section and firm tip creates a penetrating mid-low ball trajectory, and very low spin – there is no ballooning with this shaft.

Who’s It For – The Project X Graphite comes in varying stiffness, from Regular to Extra Stiff. They have a variety of fitting centers around the globe if you need help choosing your shaft. This is a premium shaft, and to get the most out of it, you should be a lower handicap with a swing speed anywhere from about 90M PH and up.

What People Say – This shaft has already amassed an immense following on tour and amongst amateurs. If your shaft hunting and have not tried the Project X – give it a try. This shaft can take whatever your throw at it – no matter your swing transition or swing speed, the shaft keeps up and knows how to unload. Many people highly recommended taking the time to see a fitter with this shaft, and the price warrants it. Great distance, reduced dispersion, boring trajectory and very low spin – many people saw an increase in yards. Great feel responsiveness, and ridiculously long. High price point irked some people. The graphics are simple and don’ t stand out. Some people commented they would have liked a greater variety of shafts weights to choose from (the Tour Issue versions offer this). Keep an eye on the tip stiffness as this will play a role in your trajectory. Also keep in mind these shafts are Tour specs – so put your ego aside, get fitted and get the best shaft for your game – don’ t just grab the stiffest model.

Project X Graphite Shaft

Flex- 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0

Stiffness – 5.0 is Regular, 5.5 leans towards a stiff . 6.0 and 6.5 is stiff, if not moving towards extra stiff. 7.0 is extra stiff.

Weight – 60, 62, 66, 69, 69 grams

Torque – low

Bend Point – mid-high


MSRP $275, but you can find them for $200-$250.


Here a little video on this shaft:


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  1. How does the Project X 5.0 graphite shaft in the Ping i20 driver compare to these shafts? What is the kick point? What club head spend do you recommend for this shaft?

  2. I was put into a project x 5.5 graphite shaft for my new nike vrs forged irons. I hit the nike forged on demo day at my club with a different graphite shaft that I was told is unavailable with the new forged iron. I just received my new clubs with the 5.5 graphite shift. I know I have a slow swing speed (80?) …should I be concerned? Thank you.

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