Aldila RIP 60 & 70 Shaft Profile

Profile – The Aldila Alpha RIP 60 and 70 shafts marked a step away from the Voodoo S-core technology. This shaft, which has already made quite a name for itself on the PGA Tour and is really designed and geared towards lower handicaps who have higher swing speeds. These shafts employ a unique technology that completely transformed the way Aldila makes a golf shaft – this technology is called Reverse Interlaminary Positioning (RIP). The result is a lower, boring ball flight with minimal spin.

Aldila Rip golf Review ProfileWhat Makes It Work – Aldila RIP Technology: Aldila used computer-modeling technology to really re-think how they made a golf shaft. They were able to reverse the layering of carbon fibers on the shaft so the outer layers were the strongest – doing this drastically increased the tip strength. By re-engineering the golf shaft in this fashion they didn’t require as much material to create the specifications they were looking for – resulting in a shaft that was surprisingly lightweight, with good feel, low torque, optimal flex and better tip stiffness.

Who’s It For – The Aldila RIP shaft models are designed for lower single-digit handicaps and professionals. To fully take advantage of this shaft you require a faster swing speed. Also players who already struggle with a lower ball flight will have some issues with this shaft. If you’re a better player and want a shaft to help lower your ball flight, lower your spin, and increase your consistency this shaft is for you. If you’re using this shaft and still hitting it too high you can tip the shaft to slightly lower the trajectory even more.

What People Say – The Aldila RIP 60 shaft is a solid feeling shaft with great feel and a ball trajectory bordering more on mid than low. Since the shaft is designed for higher swing speeds, one individual recommended testing out a couple shafts before buying one – you may use a stiff shaft now, but an Aldila RIP Regular may do the trick. Great distance, and consistency.

The Aldila RIP 70 shaft produces a lower, boring ball trajectory on swing speeds upwards of 100MPH. Before switching to this shaft you may want to test it out, if you already have a driver loft less than 9 degrees, it can be difficult to get airborne without sufficient clubhead speed. If you have issues with ballooning – this shaft may be for you. Solid feel, great responsiveness, consistency, distance and control.

People love the look of the shaft, especially the skull and crossbones at the top. The shaft is an option on the Titleist 910 D2 driver however this shaft was custom made to fit the driver.  So, it has different performance specifications that the models shown below. PGA players having nothing but good things to say about the RIP.

Full Shaft Details & Specs

Below are the full details of the entire line-up on RIP shafts, including the Alpha, Beta and Gamma series.  To be able to tell the difference between these shafts, you have to look at the eyes of the skull.  Red eyes represent Alpha Shafts, green eyes are Beta Shafts, and gold eyes are the Gamma Shafts.

Aldila RIP Alpha 60 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 62, 63, 66 grams

Torque – 3.2, 2.9, 2.7

Bend Point – mid to high

Aldila Alpha RIP 70 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 74, 74, 77 grams

Torque – 3.0, 2.7, 2.4

Bend Point – mid to high

Aldila Alpha RIP 80 Wood

Flex- S, X

Weight – 85, 88 grams

Torque – 2.2, 2.0

Bend Point – mid to high

Shaft Notes: This shaft hits the ball on the lowest trajectory of the three models, and with the least amount of spin.

Aldila Beta RIP 60 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 62, 64, 66 grams

Torque – 3.9, 3.5, 3.2

Bend Point – mid

Aldila Beta RIP 70 Wood

Flex- S, X

Weight – 74, 76 grams

Torque – 3.1, 2.8

Bend Point – mid

Shaft Notes: The beta shaft hits the ball on the higher trajectory of the three models, spin rates are still low, but higher than both the Gamma and Alpha.

Aldila Gamma RIP 60 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 69, 69, 71 grams

Torque – 3.7, 3.4, 3.2

Bend Point – mid to high

Aldila Gamma RIP 70 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 78, 79, 81 grams

Torque – 3.5, 3.2, 3.0

Bend Point – mid to high

Shaft Notes: Despite having similar bend characteristics as the Alpha shafts, the Gamma hits the ball on a high trajectory with more spin.

MSRP $199

More information –


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  1. I generally swing in the upper 90’s to right at 100 mph. I have a problem of getting too much spin on drives and having drives balloon on me. I have a guy that can set me up with a Callaway Diablo Octane driver with a RIP 60g shaft. I was going to get stiff but am now considering regular. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey Jeremy, thanks for the comment. I find that surprising – I’d peg you at a Stiff Aldila RIP 60 with that kind of swing speed. The Regular flex is geared towards swing speeds hovering around 90 PMH. Depending on your swing control, I’d imagine you may get a couple extra yards from the Regular, but would sacrifice accuracy.

    If you’re ballooning this is decent shaft for you, but you may want to consider something with a higher bend point.

    I hope that helps… when it comes to shafts, lots of differences are all about personal feel.

    Good luck!

  3. Sir Shanks, My SS is 112 mph, 1.1 handicap. I plan on getting an Adams 9064LS 8.5 loft Driver. Would you recommend the RIP Alpha 60g Stiff or 70g Stiff, and why?


  4. Hey Bill, thanks for the question. To be honest with a swing speed up at 112MPH, I’m surprised you’re not thinking an X shaft, that may hit the ball a little higher – like the Gamma X flex, but that’s neither here nor there.

    The two shafts are pretty similar, with the exception of 11g and a little less torque on the Aldila RIP 70. With the Alpha shaft and 8.5 degrees, you should expect a lower ball flight with low spin, with that in mind your shaft choice comes down to two things. Swing speed vs. accuracy (albeit minute). If you go with the 60, you’ll can likely squeeze a couple more MPH out of your swing, but you may sacrifice some accuracy. The 70, will be a little more accurate. The difference were talking in distance is mere 1-3 yards here.

    I hope that help! On that note, I see I need to update this page, so I’m going to get on that.


  5. Sir Shanks,

    Yes, indeed your valuable input helps! But I always thought stiffer shaft brings the ball flight down, not up? I think I will go with the 70g Alpha Stiff/8.5 loft based in large part on your comments. Don’t mind losing 1-3 yards, & hit more Fairways.

    Thanks again!

  6. Hey Bill, generally it will yes. Usually stiffer shafts have higher bend points resulting in lower trajectories. Although I haven’t personally tested the Gamma shaft, from some research and buzz I’ve heard, the Gamma hits the ball on a slightly higher trajectory than the Alpha. It may be worth a shot.

    Glad I could help!

  7. I am looking at getting a RIP in a 910D2. Torn between that and a V2. SS is up around 125, was thinking about going with the 70X. What do you think? Been a V2 fan for a long time…

  8. Hey Tyler, thanks for the question. Wow, that’s quite swing speed! The V2 X shaft comes in a variety of weights – is yours the 77g? or were you gaming something with even more weight, like the 8080 or 9090 series of V2’s?

    Since you’re looking at the 70 X (Alpha I’m assuming), I’m going to base my suggestions on the 77g X V2 shaft. The shafts are pretty similar in weight (1g difference), so that doesn’t play too much of a factor. The V2 has slightly less torque which translates to a little more accuracy. The biggest difference between these shafts is the kick point… The Aldila Alpha 70 X has a mid-high kick, resulting in a mid to low ball trajectory. The V2 X 77g shaft has a mid kick point, which would result in a slightly higher ball trajectory.

    So with that said, I have to ask – with such a fast swing speed, have you tried heavier shafts? With swing speeds up around 125MPH, you’ll be more consistent with a heavier shaft.

    I hope that helps!

  9. I had the V2 86X in a 907D2 and was not real happy with it. I don’t know if it was the shaft, the head, or both. Not a lot of people liked the 907D2. So to answer your question, yes I have tried a heavier shaft, maybe just not the right one. The problem is that their are not a lot of good X flex 80 gram demo’s available to the general public. The V2 86 and the RIP 80x both have torque’s around 1.8 to 2.0, which scares me a little. One thing I have considered is that the 907 D2 was a bore through head, where as the 910 D2 is not so that could “soften” the shaft up a little. Decisions decisions

  10. Hi i am looking for a new driver and my swing speed is around 80mph but i hit the high i have been recommended Bassara UL Wyvern 53r in a callaway ft9 imix or a titleist 910 d3 with a Diamana Kai’li 65r but they also mentioned a Aldila RIP 60r any suggestions?

    many thanks

  11. Hey Kevin, thanks for the question. Based on your swing speed and launch (you mentioned “high”) I’d likely lean towards to the Aldila Alpha 60 RIP, and here’s why:

    The Mitsubishi shafts that you quoted both feature a mid-kick point – when compared to the RIP, it’s trajectory will be on the lower side with its higher kick point. So if trajectory is an issue, the RIP will keep it lower than the other two.

    The other noticeable difference in these shafts is the torque, the Kai’li torque is 5.0, the Wyvern 5.8 – both of which are pretty high, which will provide you with more feel, but be less accurate. The RIP’s torque is around 3.2 – which may make it feel a little stiffer, but it will provide a much more accurate and dependable shot.

    The Wyvern is a lighter shaft, which could help you get a few MPH out of your swing, but the torque may cause you to spray it occasionally.

    I hope that helps! Let me know what you choose.

  12. Hi thanks for your advice but my swing speed didnt do the Aldila Rip 60r any justice the consistencey was there but not much distance and the ball flight not much lower than my normal shot the recommened swing speed for the rip60 reg is 90-100mph,the other shats in my orginal post were all very whippy,so now i have been advised about a Aldila NV65r,NVS65r and a Motore f1 65 so just waiting to try some clubs with these shafts.
    Any advice on the above shafts?

    thanks kevin

  13. Hey Kevin,

    You have a pretty wide range of shafts there. The NV will have less spin and a lower launch. The NVS is a much higher spinning and launching shaft. The Motore is in the mid-low launch range, while spin is low. What kind of ball trajectory are you looking for?

    You’re right about swing speeds, but I’m not sure if the NV / NVS R-flex is whippy enough for your swing speed either. You may want to test out an A-flex shaft to see if that produces a better ball flight and distance you want. Out of those three shafts, the NVS is likely the best fit, but it will also be the least accurate (highest torque out of the 3 shafts you want).

    I hope that helps, good luck on your search!

  14. hi…need some of your magic advice. i currently have the taylormade 2010 superfast with ozik hd4 stiff shaft and gt a bit too much height. my swing speed is about 94-95 mph and a 3 handicap. there is available a driver with the same head and rip 60 alpha stiff and what you thoughts if it’s a good fit for me…thanks so much

  15. Hey Bob, no problem. The RIP should help you lower your trajectory – its mid-low vs the Ozik’s mid. The biggest difference between these two shafts is the torque. The Ozik is 4.9, the RIP 2.9 – this is quite a large difference, which means that the RIP will feel quite different. You should expect a stiffer feel with the RIP, but increased accuracy. Finally, the RIP is about 10g heavier, so you may see a small decrease in swing speed (1-2MPH), which may result in a couple less yards.

    All in all, the shafts differ greatly. If you like the feel of the Ozik shaft, but just want a lower trajectory, you may be hard pressed. High torque shafts usually are coupled with higher launches. You may want to try the Fujikura Blur 004
    S or Fit-on Max 65 series for an “in between” sort of shaft.

    I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes.

  16. hey bob,

    i currently have a titlist 910d3 in 9.5 and it just balloons in the air with a aldila rip 60 shaft (stiff) my swingspeed is around 105-108

    what shafts could u recommend , or if so what other rip shafts


    • In response to “Driver Shaft?”, I too have the Titleist 910 D3 in 9.5 and my swing speed is almost identical. I had the same problem with ballooning trajectory with the stock RIP 60 alpha. I have tried the alpha 70 and the beta 70 RIP shafts as well. Oddly enough, my smooth tempo works better with the slightly heaver than stock Aldila RIP beta 70 in my driver (74 grams, S flex, 3.1 deg. torque) that has been tipped one inch. I have been able to keep my loft set at 9.5 and can maintain a proper trajectory with my 105+ swingspeed. It may be that I can load this shaft more easily and can keep my hands in better position to deliver the clubhead in a less descending path to the ball. I guess there’s more than one way to find your way to RIP nirvana.

  17. Hi Im thinking of purchasing the 910D2 with an Rip 60 S. Tried it yesterday and seemed to work well with my 106 to 114mph swing. Should iget the Rip 60 X?? I have the R7 limited with Ozik 5.5S. Weeker tha than I thought and inconsistent. Thanks very much for your help.

  18. Hey “Driver Shaft?”, thanks for the comment, and sorry for the delayed response.

    I have a couple of alternatives for you – the Alpha RIP 60 Stiff you’re currently using obviously isn’t working. If you want to stick with the RIP line, I’d suggest perhaps upping the weight class, to a 70 or even an 80 and see if that gets the ball flight down a bit. Another alternative is moving to an X-Stiff shaft – your swing speed is fast enough to warrant this.

    As for shaft alternatives, likely the most popular low launch shaft would be the Diamana Whiteboard. I’d suggest you start with the 73 gram stiff shaft, and see how that feels.

    I hope that helps.

  19. Alvaro,

    Thanks for the comment. I had to do a little research on the Ozik shaft you were gaming, and based on what I found it’s likely 60g and torque around 3.1 – so I’ll use that as a base for my suggestions.

    The weakness and inconsistency of your shaft likely has to do with it’s inability to keep up to your swing speed. Your current shafts torque is likely too high to provide the consistency a faster swing, like yours, deserves. I’d highly suggest going with a shaft with lower torque numbers.

    The Alpha RIP 60 S is a very similar shaft spec wise to the Ozik, with the exception of launch.

    If I were you, I’d take a look at the Stiff 70g Alpha, or even the X-stiff in this weight category.

    If you’re dead set on the weight of your shaft, you may want to try the Fujikura Blur 65 X stiff – similar specs to the RIP/Ozik, but I found it knows how to keep up to better.

    I hope that helps, and let me know how it goes.

  20. Hi I have a Talormade R11 with a Fujikura 65 Stiff flex. My swing speed is around 124 to 127 and fairly consist ant. When I go at it I generate 134 to 137. My drives are between 290 & 335 yards. I have made numerous adjustments but I still hit it left to right about 10 yards or so. All of my other clubs have a natural slight draw. I’m wondering if I need an X Stiff shaft… One more thing, I am 51 years old and don’t think I will be slowing my swing down very much for a few more years yet. It’s more fun out driving the young guns I play with. Thanks for your help! Robert L.

  21. Shanks,

    Recently purchased a g15 with a Serrano 60. I just bought the rescue with a 65 Rip and crush it 265 off the ground. My driver is all over mainly when I lean into it. Swing speed 122 without effort 135 when I step on it. Recommendation for a Rip? In the driver?

  22. Hey Robert, thanks for the question. I gotta say, you’d outdrive me. Your symptoms are interesting – usually if the shaft is too whippy for your swing (which yours should be), you get a right to left spin put on the ball, and if it’s too stiff, a left to right spin. Unless you’re left-handed, in which case it all makes sense???

    For swing speeds like yours, I’d definitely put you X-Stiff Category – or Tour X-Stiff. The blur is a great shaft, but I’d wonder for swing speeds like yours if the higher torque is causing you trouble. The Alpha RIP 70 X-Flex Shaft or RIP 80 Stiff or X-Stiff may be up your alley with their lower torque.

    Alternatively you may want to consider tipping your Fujikura Blur.

    Your ball flight is odd for the shaft you’re using – my suggestion is to hit up a demo day and test out a bunch of shafts to see which one performs for you.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Good Luck.

  23. Hey Zeus, I’m assuming you’re in a Serrano X or Stiff – regardless the torque on this shaft is your problem. With a swing like yours, the shaft can’t keep up, and kick is causing the shaft to be inconsistent into impact. You need a shaft with lower torque.

    If you’re a fan of the weight class you’re at – go with a Alpha Rip 60 X-stiff it has a significantly less amount of torque that should keep you down the middle more often. This shaft will produce a lower ball flight though. Another option, is the Alpha RIP 70 X-stiff – this baby should be even more accurate.

    If you’re looking to get more height (most bigger hitter aren’t, but you never know) you may want to try the Beta 70 X-Stiff RIP shaft.

    I hope that helps, let me know what you choose.

  24. Looking for help with a Titelist 910 d2. I currently hit a ping g15 9.0 with a diamana white board 73 stiff with swing speed of 120+ adv drive of 280. Thinking of changing to a titleist 910 d2 9.5 with a RIP 70 shaft. What change in ball flight and distance can I expect?

  25. Hey Paul, to be honest, those two shafts should perform pretty similarly, with the exception of trajectory. The weight difference is +2 grams for the RIP (I’m assuming the Alpha – Red Eyes), which might cost you 0.5 MPH, but nothing to worry about. Torque, very similar as well, you might find the RIP to be more accurate, but honestly there shouldn’t be a difference here. Trajectory – the Alpha should hit the ball on a noticeably higher trajectory than the Diamana, which in your swing speed range should get you a couple more yards (3-5yrds).

    I hope that helps!

  26. Hi im interested in getting a R11, but i am clueless on what shaft to get. i am currently using a 9.5 ping u15 driver with a tour s 69 proforce axicore red shaft, my natural shot is a 20yrd right to left draw (i can alter the flight of ball with ease), but i cant seem to get my natural right to left sling (invariably only draws 5-10 yards), My swing speed varies from 105-130 depending on how hard im hitting the ball, average distance is 280 for a easy hit and 350 for a hard hit. Please could i have some advice of what shaft to get with this club

  27. Hey Sietia, there’s a bunch of shaft options in the R11, like 15+, and the RIP is one of them. Your current shaft has pretty low torque, which should help you keep it on line. Both the RIP and the Fuji Blur in the same weight class would perform about the same here. With that said, I find the Blur to be more responsive – it may be worth a test.

    The biggest difference between your current shaft and the RIP will be trajectory – the RIP hits it much lower. Other than that, you may see a couple extra yards from the slight difference in weight (5g).

    I’d honestly test out a Blur if you want something comparable, but with added control. An alternative in the RIP line might be the Beta 60 Stiff model.

    I hope that helps.

  28. I am actually looking for that 15-20yrd draw, as i am most comfortable hitting that shape. Talking about torque, when u say low torque does that mean a number towards 0 or towards 10 (for eg), and if im looking for that sling shape, should i be getting a shaft with a higher torque. I find the shaft I am using atm, is not giving me what i desire as it has a tendancy not to bend/sling as much

  29. sorry to double post in a matter of seconds, I am looking for a fairly high ball flight, without it ballooning (as said before i can alter the trajectory of the ball, when im hitting that 15-20 yard draw, otherwise if im not, its inconsistant flight at best

  30. Hey Sietia, low torque is around 2.0, high torque upwards of 6.0+. Torque is simply a measure of how much the club twists during a swing, the higher the torque, the more potential the club has to be open or closed a couple of degrees.

    You have a unique situation, you can get a 20-yard draw with a driver with low torque, just as you can one with higher-torque. The lower torque shaft will likely produce this ball flight more consistently however. A Reg shaft will make it easy for you to spray the ball, but that again doesn’t do much for consistency.

    Shafts generally cannot make the ball hook 20 yards consistently. I’d honestly suggest getting a shaft that you love the feel of (Like the BLUR or Beta RIP I suggested), set your R11 to produce a draw, and work on your swing to produce the ball flight you want.

    There’s no point in using the wrong shaft for your game.

    I hope that helps.

  31. I am a 15 handicap with an exteamly high ball flight and a slower swing speed. I am considering the RIP Aldila 60g shaft becasue of the penetrating shot shape. I really want to start hitting my drives with lower, penetrating power. Is my 85-95 slower swing speed going to be ok with the RIP Regular flex offering? Any thoughts?

  32. Hey Joey – sorry for the late response. The R should be okay for your swing swing, it ideally benefits swing speeds of around 90-100MPH. Unfortunately the RIP doesn’t come in a an A flex which is a step down from R. If your swing speed average 90MPH – you should be just fine. To ensure you’re getting the lower ball flight make sure you get an Alpha Tip (red eyes).


  33. Hey there, I have a titleist 910 D2 with the rip 60 shaft. I am still struggling with a high ballooning ball flight. I have an average swing speed around 110 mph. I am desperately seeking a solution. As titleist and the shop I purchased it from are not being helpful at all. Thanks

  34. Hey Dippy – The 910 only comes in an Alpha which is the has the highest kick, and lowest trajectory of the three models – I’m assuming you’re a stiff? Ballooning is caused by excessive spin at impact which can have a combination of causes – high torque, swing type, angle of attack, clubhead loft etc. You could try a shaft with less torque – but the Alpha is already pretty low. You may want to try going up a flex to an X. Alternatively you could try shafts with a lower kick point to produce a higher trajectory – but fill fight against the ballooning. Ultimately I would suggest hitting up a demo day – and testing out shafts until you find one that produces the ball flight you’re looking for. Alternatively, it may be your angle of attack, club or swing that is the culprit. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  35. Good morning,I am currently playing a TM R11 10.5 degree driver with a RIP beta 60g shaft trimmed to 44 1/2, swing speed is 103-110. Ball filght is very high with a nice draw, however if I try to “go after one” I tend to get a high block to the right. My question is, would changing to the Alpha 70S lower the ball flight and improve the consistency?

  36. Hey PFRED, thanks for the comment.

    I think you’re on the right track with your shaft selection. The Beta hits the ball higher than the Alpha, and the Beta will also have more dispersion. If you’re not fussed about the extra 10g of weight in the shaft, then you should be fine. Alternatively the Alpha 60g would be a fine choice for you too. I’d recommend testing the shaft out thoroughly before trimming it though. Trimming can be hit and miss sometimes with making a large difference in shaft performance. Let me know how it goes.

  37. Hi Bryne,

    Good question. I don’t have any personal experience testing out these two shafts, but here is what I can deduce from the specs. For my recommendations I’m assuming you are referring to the S Flex for shafts that TaylorMade has stock (as they have both the Blur and RIP Beta available – with unique specs to each). As for trajectory – this is tough, my best guess would be that the Blur would likely hit the ball higher, despite having a slightly higher kick point. The Blur has a significant amount more torque, and less weight which will likely translate to higher trajectories and spin. The RIP has a mid kick point, and will definitely hit the ball higher than the Alpha or Gamma, with increased spin, but not quite as high as the TP Blur. With all this said, both shafts are designed to have produce lower spin rates. Another note: The Blur would likely be a much more responsive shaft, and have a less boardy feel than the RIP due to the torque difference.

  38. i have a titleist 910 D3 with an aldila rip 70 gram stiff shaft. i have a driver swing speed of a 100mph is this shaft the wrong one for me. if yes what is a better option of shaft to get more distance

  39. Hi –

    My swing speed is 105MPH (Trackman read) to 109MPH (local golf shop launch monitor read) and I was using a RIP Alpha 60 Stiff in my 910 D2 driver. I hit the ball around 285 on average with 300+ every 7 shots or so. The issue with my 285 yards is that this result is from a 270 carry with very little roll out because of the high trajectory and often ballooning ball flight with consistency being an issue. I was recently refitted and recommended into a Graphite Design Red Aura stiff 68g which feels a little whippy. Although I am now hitting 295 on average (~265 carry with 30 yards of roll out), it lacks feel and consistency and I tend to hit it dull and left on my misses. In fact, every swing feels dull, even on the 297 yard shots. The RIP had tremendous feel but apparently was causing way too much spin. I am not happy with the feel of the Graphite Design shaft and would like to try something else or find something with similar feel as the RIP but with a solid, penetrating ball flight rather than the all show no go balloon flight. Suggestions?

  40. Hi David – just a follow-up for you. If you’re swing speed is consistently over 105MPH you may want to move up to X shaft, or up a weight class anyway to the Aldila Alpha 70 range. The more weight, the lower the torque in this line. This should likely help you retain the feel you’re looking for and likely hit a lower ball. If you’re looking for a completely different shaft, you may want to consider the Tour Spec Fujikura Blur – this should help keep the ball down as it has a higher bend point, but still pretty high torque (3.3), which usually translates to a good “feel”. Goo luck!

  41. sir shanks . i am a 11 handicap with swing speed 103 to 108, i currently hitting ping k15 with stock stiff shaft, was looking to upgrade shafts, i typically hit right to left ,”right handed” with low ball flight, any sugestions, thanks ADAM

  42. Hey Adam – thanks for your question. You’re playing the TFC149D Stiff shaft correct? If so, it really depends on what kind of ball flight you’re looking for. I’m imagining your issues is with your ball flight? Although PING claims its X-stiff shaft in this category is right up your alley for your swing speed, I’m not sure how much extra boost you’d get in trajectory. Also, for your swing speed, these shafts have pretty high torque, which could cause you to spray it a bit. The RIP Beta 60 Stiff or X-Stiff would likely be a good shaft to test out, it has a mid-trajectory, lower torque, and similar weight to your original if you like the feel. If you’re looking for something lighter, the RIP Phenom 50 Stiff/x-Stiff may be up your alley, but it has similar torque characteristics to your current shaft… but will likely feel more responsive. Another option would be the Motore Speeder VC 6.2 – it features a similar profile, but with a lower kick to get the ball airborne. I would steer clear of the Tour Spec versions of this… as it will definitely have less feel, and a lower ball flight. I hope that helps!

    • thank you for your reply i went with the rip beta 60 have great control and alittle higher ball flight and my shot pattern is alot tighter and seems im getting alot less side spin., thank you for your response ADAM

  43. I’m currently hitting the Ping Anser driver, 10.50 degree with the Adilia 50 stiff shaft. I had been hitting a Cobre Driver with a Tour A designed by graphite design for cobra,9.5 degree, ball speed 125 to 155, weight 162 grams,kick mid,torque 5.1 degree. I seem to be hitting the new driver with a little more control but typically 10 yards or so shorter any ideas as to how to pick up or exceed the edistance and retain the accuracy?

    • Hey Robert – I think your 162 grams may have been a typo 😛 Likely the 62 gram Tour AD YS shaft? Well to be honest I’m not familiar with the shaft, and couldn’t find the exact one with the torque you mentioned online. Also your ball speed indicates a swing speed from 80MPH to a little over 100 – assuming solid shots for both. For the basis of my suggestions I’m going to average your swing speed at about 90PMH. The RIP Phenom is likely to be a little straighter, and the shafts have pretty similar kick points. The major difference between these shafts is the weight, which shouldn’t have much of an impact on distance (moreso on feel). What I would suggest however is going to the Regular Aldila shaft – as their swing charts puts a 90mph-100mph swing in a regular flex. This will likely increase your distance a bit. Also keep in mind the difference in the loft of the drivers, not to mention the drivers themselves. It’s hard to compare apples to oranges. 🙂 Good luck!

  44. Hey guru, looking to upgrade from my callaway ft9 tour imix with diamana blue 70 s shaft. Im a 1 hdcp with 100-105ss, average drive 250 carry with a slight draw, loking for afew more yards without sac to much acc,.I was looking at the razr hawk tour with stock rip shaft but noticed the specs are different for callaway rip, possibly not as stiff as standard rip not made for callaway.i believe higher torque and low kickpoint not sure of the exact numbers. Like the fact of the lighter 60 gram and 1/2 inch longer shaft than imix but worried callaway rip wont be stiff enough. How do you think callaway rip will perform compared to what im hitting now in my imix? Im thinking maybe callaway rip xstiff may be better for me than the stiff. Thanks, i value your opinions, jim g.

    • Hey Jim – you’re right, finding the exact specs on these made-for shafts is not easy. From what I’ve found, the Callaway imix shaft is 69 grams, has a mid-high kick, and torque at 3.0. The Callaway Razr tour shaft is not the real RIP, and the x-stiff, is 4.1 degrees of torque, 65g weight and low kickpoint. This is odd, because a low kick produces a high trajectory, opposite of the real RIP’s. So in a nutshell, here’s what I can suggest. The x-stiff is likely up your alley in the RIP, but it is designed for slightly faster swing speeds (105+), so keep that in mind. You may find that this shaft lacks the feel of your imix, but on the other hand it does have a higher torque… so it may have a similar feel. When it comes to trajectory (according to Callaway’s site) these shafts are opposites. I’m not sure I believe this though – as the RIP’s were all designed for a low trajectory. You’ll likely spray the ball a bit more with the x-stiff. I would suggest getting the real RIP in your Razr Tour (or at least trying one) – and maybe consider the 70 alpha stiff shaft instead of the 60 x-stiff. It is a little heavier than your Diamana (+5g), but has a similar bend profile, but less torque to keep the ball on target.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  45. Hey guru, thanks for your response. I agree with you a 100%, i dont think the callaway rip shaft is right for me. I do better with low torque high kick shafts. I SNAP HOOK HIGH TORQUE LOW KICK SHAFTS. Ive had pro launch blue and aldila nvs shafts and they were wrong for me, your suggestion for the original rip would be perfect for me in a callaway head, but i dont think they make the rip in a .350 tip that callaway heads accept. I searched all over the net and only found original rip in .335 tips. I would look into this shaft in other company heads .335 but i really like the callaway tour heads best. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your expertise, jim g.

    • Hey Jim – is you haven’t already, I would go to the Callaway Shops to see what they have available for shafts. The appear to have a wide variety of .335 shafts there, which makes me think they are likely adding an adapter ferrule to widen it to fit the clubhead. Look here:,default,pd.html and select “custom shaft” to see what available. The problem is you’ll need to research the specs yourself to see what makes the most sense. Off the top of my head, the x-stiff Diamana Whiteboard 73 gram would likely be a good one to try, it has low torque, high kick, and similar weight to your original.


  46. Some of these swing speeds of 135 to 138 are un believable. No really I don’t believe it. What are you guys using a speed swoosh. One guy actually said he swings a golf club 105 to 130, depending. Lol. That’s in the range of long drive pros and with a carry of about 330 or so. Bubba Watsons swing speed average 123 and he actually swings out of his shoes and off the ground. But really let’s play a round.

  47. Guru,
    My 12 year old son currently uses a senior flex Taylor Made Superfast 2.0 with the Matrix x-con 4.8 shaft at 46.5 inches which he hits about 220 average with an occasional poke to 240-260. He tends to get high ballflight with all his clubs including his MP-33 2 and 3 irons. Also high ballflight with a recent set of Ping G15 driver,3 wood and 5 wood with Reg. flex Aldilia Serrano shafts but very good accuracy. What is also noticeable is that he doe not get much rollout on any clubs. We’ve measured his swing speed at 98-101. If he tries to really smash the TM he tends to hit much more draw or pull it left, but his primary ballflight is a power fade or baby fade with a smooth swing. My question is this, I’ve bought a TM Superfast 2.0 TP 8.5 loft which I’m planning to reshaft with a RIP Phenom 50 Regular flex. Planning to go with a 47 inch driver. Should this combination give him the lower more boring ballflight that would yield more rollout? We just trying to get him to about 235-240 average. I’m hoping that the RIP Phenom would allow him to really go after the ball. He has a very smooth swing with a lot of flexibility that allows him to have a very long backswing. We find that the G15 9.0 doesn’t pull as much but the ballflight is still high so not much rollout either.

    • Hey Jeff – thanks for the question. Looks like all the shafts he’s currently playing are designed for higher launch. Unfortunately, the RIP Phenom is in the same boat, as this is basically the RIP Beta is disguise. But I’ll give you some shaft suggestions in a sec. A couple things of note, I wouldn’t recommend an 8.5 degree driver to many juniors, even ones swinging with as much speed as your son. In terms of accuracy, the lower the loft, the most sidespin that is imparted, and this will likely contribute to his fade. Also, when it comes to roll, fades will roll significantly less than draws, so keep that in mind. My honest suggestions would be to get him in a 9.5-10.5 degree driver, but use a lower launching shaft that has a higher kick point, but relatively high torque (so he retains a similar feel for the most part). For the TP, you’ll have to check with Taylormade for exact shaft options, but assuming all things are the same for their non-TP version, here’s some shaft suggestions for his swing & swing speed. In the Aldila department: The RIP’D NV 65 Regular should be a good fit, it has 4.4 torque and a low/medium trajectory. Also, The RIP Gamma 60 Regular, may also work – this has a fair bit less torque, so it may lack feel, but its worth a try, they claim its for faster swing speeds… so keep this in mind. Finally, I’d also recommend him trying Rifle Project X 65 5.5 Flex shaft, which should be a good fit for the lower ball flight, swing tempo, but again, may lack a bit of feel due to the lower torque (3.7). I hope that helps!

      • Thanks for the reply. Before his current SF 2.0 9.5 he used a Superfast 1.0 10.5 with regular flex X-con shaft. But he was ballooning the ball so high that he just lost yardage, mostly hitting 195 with about 5 yds roll. So we went with the SF 2.0 with the senior flex. However since last year he’s grown about 6 inches to about 5’3-4 inches. With this growth spurt his swing speed went from 85-90 to 98-100 and then we began to notice that the senior was to whippy at times. He is very strong for his age, he was playing baseball year round for about 3 years and has very high hand/eye coordination, contact hitter. Last Feb he fractured the growth plate in his right shoulder primarily due to his growth spurt and throwing so much. We decided to concentrate on golf since last summer. His hdcp is 12 and he plays in junior tournaments. When he was 9 I cut down Cobra SSi senior flex shafts 2 inches and he played well with them for 2 years, but last year with the growth spurt he got too tall for them and also his swing speed. He wanted to try blades so we bought a used set of MP-33s with S300 shafts and he took to them like a duck in water. I noticed that he still had somewhat high ball flight but the S300s seemed to bring it down some with a much more accurate repeatable ballflight. The irons were much heavier than the Cobras but it also helped him to develop a much better more consistent accurate swing and consequently the woods and driver swing got much stronger as well. Last Friday we met a friend at the range who just bought a new Ping Anser 9.5 with a stiff Blur shaft. He let my son hit a few and he was banging that driver out about 205-210 with ease. The Blur seemed to hit for him the same as his Serrano regular shaft Ping G15.

        • Used the new driver this week for 18 holes. The RIP Phenom combined with the 8.5 head worked very well together. My son actually hit straight shots with a much better ballflight trajectory. He just had to tee up 1/4 inch higher and it was perfect. He got more rollout and seemed to gain about 20 yds on his tee shots. We went with 46 inches. It seems that most of his fade problems were with the Matrix x-con 4.8 shaft, the RIP Phenom seems more stable for him.

  48. Hello Guru, Great review of the Aldila line. I have a Nike Machspeed Black Round Driver at 8.5° with the stock Fubuki S flex shaft. I swing roughly maxing out at 109mph. I find this shaft feels a bit too whippy for me and a bit too light. I am considering putting in an Adilia Alpha RIP 70-X in for a bit more control off the tee. I was reluctant to go to graphite shafts back in the day because of the whippy feeling of them and preferred the rigidity of the steel shafts. With the new technology in shafts I want to regain that nice solid feeling at the top of my swing and know where my club head is at during the down swing. What would you recommend that I put in this driver?

    • Hey James – thanks, glad we are able to help. Finding stock shaft specs are a pain in my behind, but the Fubuki stock shaft for the Machspeed is 52g, 6.9 torque (wow), and a mid-launch. With a swing speed like yours, I wouldn’t doubt you sprayed this driver a fair bit, and if so, thats likely due to the torque this driver is pumping out… this would also contribute to your “whippy feeling”. The Alpha X 70 is just about the polar opposite to your current shaft. It only has 2.4 torque, weighs 77g and will hit the ball on a lower trajectory. Aldila’s fitting chart still has your top swing speed of 109 MPH in their “Stiff” category, so I wouldn’t jump to an X just yet. I think you’ll find that the combination of more shaft weight and drastically reduced torque that the shaft will be much stiffer feeling, which should help regain a better feeling of control. If you liked the trajectory of your Machspeed, I would suggest maybe the RIP Beta Stiff 60 gram shaft. If you want lower, I would go with the RIP Alpha Stiff 60. Regardless, if you can, test out a bunch of shafts, just know that all the RIP’s you’ll try (S & X flex wise) and going to be heavier, and have less torque, so you should see a significant difference. Good luck!

  49. What shaft would be lower launching and less spin, the RIP Alpha 60 or 70? I currently have the rip alpha 60 in a RBZ Tour 10.5 head and I am launch the ball too high.. Would the RIP Alpha 70 bring the launch and spin down? thanks

  50. Also how would you compare the new Diamana D+ to the Aldila RIP Alpha 70 in spin and launch… I’m not sure if I should go with the Rip 70A or the Diamana D+

  51. Hey Eddie, sorry for the late reply, but thanks for your question. I don’t think you’ll find much of a difference between the RIP 60 and 70 in terms of trajectory. You may notice the 70 lacks the feel of the 60, and feels stiffer. If you’re swinging the 60 with enough pace to launch it high, the 70 may respond better, but its more likely that you need to go up a flex – so Stiff to X-Flex. On the other hand, it may be your 10.5 degree driver causing the problem. This Diamana D+ 72 should give you the same feel as your RIP 60 with a lower launch. But if your swing speed exceeds 105, I’d consider an x-flex. Spin is tough to comment on without being able to test the shaft side by side, and seeing your swing (as how you hit the ball plays a big part), but by the books, the Diamana should spin slightly less than the Alpha RIP. Happy Holidays.

    • Just to give you an update, I took both shafts ( diamana d+ 72 and Rip A 70) to the range today.. The D+ launched lower than the Rip, but my golf pro that was watching me suggested that I stick with the rip 70 because of the way I load the shaft. He said that the Rip shaft can handle the way I load the shaft better than the D+ and the Rip shaft had better dispersion.. I might try a Rip 60x and see what happens from there.. But so far I like the rip 70.. It doesn’t feel boards to me like some people say it feels . Must be the way I load the shaft

      • Sweet Eddie – thanks for the update. I think the boardyness feeling is for people who shouldn’t be swinging the shaft anyway. If your swing is up to snuff, the shaft performs as advertised. I appreciate the head to head feedback though, it’s nice to know the D+ is even lower launching than the RIP. Thanks!

        • I still had problems with the launch even with the 70 alpha.. Seems like it lands and sometimes checks up…I am going to try to adjust the loft down to 9* and then 9.75* and see if that helps.. I seem to get minimum roll out on my drives.. I also I have Rip Phenom 70 to try also…

  52. am planning to purchase titleist 913 driver & would like to ask advise on shaft option
    currently im using a wilson staff shockwave driver with shaft that come together at regular flex, having occational slice & also high launch & ballon flight usually land around 200yards and no roll . my fren let me try a few swing using his titleist 910 fitted with an adila shaft which i reali like the ball flight, straighter, lower and abit further imo in 240yard at best, & last check my swing speed at 95-100 on a average swing.
    what shaft would your recommendation & many thanks.

    • Oh man, sorry, missed this. The shaft in that driver is a UST Mamiya AXIVCore 50g, with 5.0 torque and a mid-high launch. While this isn’t a bad shaft, the ballooning your mentioning makes me think you likely have a quick paced swing, even at the 95-100mph range (which is reasonable). I’m not surprised the Aldila shaft worked for you, as it’s designed to keep the ball down. I would recommend a Regular Aldila Alpha 60 for you, just based on what you told me, but I’d try to test them out myself. My rationale is simply that you want a slightly stronger feeling shaft, with a higher kick to keep the ball down – and one that can handle a faster swing and 95-100MPH swing speeds. If you are still ballooning with a regular, you may want to try the Stiff (but you’re borderline). Also keep in mind these shafts will differ a fair bit in feel considering the drop in torque to the Aldila 60. Good luck!

  53. Hey guru,

    Sweet board, very informative. I just got the new 913’s with phenom s shafts in them but I find them too whippy, they’re ballooning on me with too little control. Thinking about changing to the rip alpha 60 for the driver and 70 for the 3 wood but with a driver ss of 105 to 115, would you recommend stiff or x stiff? Do these two differ a lot in ballflight and spin or is it just the way they feel? Looking forward to your input.

    Again, great board, keep it up!


    • Hi Driverfw913 – thanks for your comment. I’m about 95% sure the Phenom shafts in the Titleist 913 driver’s are not the stock Phenom shaft. They feature different launch, and weights (something to keep in mind). The Rip Alpha 60 Stiff should help you keep the ball down a bit, but I still think you’re going to spray it. I would take a guess that the RIP Alpha 70 Stiff would be up your alley. 74 grams and 2.7 torque with a low-mid ball flight – and this is consistent with the specs for a real RIP, so I’d think you’re getting the real deal. It should have similar feel weight wise, but feature a lower launch, less of a “loose feeling”, and should get rid of your ballooning. I would also consider a RIP Alpha 70 X-stiff at your swing speed. It’s odd, but the specs for the Phenom in the 913 are basically all the same, which leads me to believe it’s either a typo or not the real deal. Id say give the rip alpha stiff 70 or 80 a shot in your 3-wood.

      On a side note, Titleist has a pretty cool shaft chart you can view which gives you an overview of how shafts perform (check out page 5 or so):
      All the best!

  54. Hi!

    I have a qestion you might be able to help me with. Im a 1 hcp with ss around 112 mph, very smooth tempo with moderate transition with mid to high ballflight. Last season i played the new prolaunch blue speedcoat stiff in my r11s 10.5 but i get to much backspin and im looking for a new shaft this year. My natural shot is a slight fade and i average 280 yars. I can get a great deal on aldila shafts so im thinking of the rip alpha 60 x flex. i previously played the ust v2 76 stiff and really liked that.

    Have a great day

    • Hey Aewon – thanks for your question, and better yet thanks for describing your swing type (makes this easier). The prolaunch blue you were using was designed for a high launch, weight of 57 grams and torque 4.0. The one you liked is a 76 gram, mid-launching shaft with 2.2 torque. Pretty much night an day here. My honest opinion? While your swing speed is pretty fast, a slower tempo/transition could place you more in the Stiff category. I would think an Alpha 60 Stiff would be a good fit, but keep in mind – you are going to hit it lower, but you should have a decent balance of the feel between your ust and your proforce. If you’re looking to exactly mimic the UST, the closest in the Aldila Rip line would be an X-stiff Rip 70 Beta, otherwise the x-stiff Rip Alpha 70 (but you’ll hit it lower). The Phenom Stiff 70 may also be an option as it should be somewhere inbetween the UST and your Proforce – but features a mid-launch. I would definitely recommend testing these shafts out if you can. good luck!

      • Hi

        Thanks for a fast and great reply to my question!
        Ill try the 70 beta x and see how my numbers come out.

        Thanks again

  55. Hello GDG. Got fitted at PGA Superstore. Swing speed varied with driver, 82-89 MPH. Recommended 10.5 loft with 50g graphite regular shaft. I hit the 913D3 with the stock Diamana 62g. Liked it but since the 50g was recommended I’m not sure which to shaft to choose, Bassara W, RIP Phenom or something else at 50g. Looking to pick up yardage but not at the sake of accuracy. Plan on trying to ease tempo. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you sir.

    • Hey BMO – thanks for your question, and I do apologize for the late reply. This is a tough question without seeing your swing, but what I’ll do is cover the specs of all these shafts and try to pick your best fit, the shaft you liked, the Diamana is 64g (based on Titleist’s chart), 3.6 torque, and low-mid launch. The Bassara W has two different types (50 and 55) – but the specs are reasonably similar: 49/54 grams, 5.2/4.7 torque and high launch, finally the Rip Phenom 50 is 49 grams, 4.8 torque and mid-launch. Shaft weight at these swing speeds plays a big role in feel. You may find the 60 gram shaft “feels stiffer”, especially if you jump on the ball. So what this really comes down to is launch and torque. Torque has a bigger effect on dispersion (especially for off-center hits). 3.6 torque of the Diamana is very low for a regular shaft, and if thats the feel you’re looking for, that would likely be your most accurate bet. I would recommend going somewhere in the middle of these to possibly get you some more yards without sacrificing accuracy. I would seriously consider the Phenom 50, if you like the feel. If you’re not afraid of the up-charge and can test it out, I would try out the Graphite Design Tour AD BB5 R2 shaft, or the Fujikura Blur 005 R2 shaft. Good luck!

  56. Hey Guru, Can you confirm that the Rip phenom 70 that comes in the 913 drivers is or is not the real deal.. I was under the impression it was… Please clear this up for me, I hate to pick one up if its really a made for shaft.. Thanks

    • I talked to a rep from aldila and he said that the phenoms that come in the 913 drivers are the real deal…. What differences would I expect from a phenom 60 vs a phenom 70 in my driver?

      • Hey Eddie – thanks for the follow-up and good to know. I had a question into my source at Titleist, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll bite my words on this one. If you’re still suffering from the high-launch issues I would go with the 70, but keep in mind the Phenom is basically the Beta in disguise and it will launch higher than the Alpha. The 60 touts a mid launch, while the 70 a mid/low launch.

  57. Hi,

    I’m currently swinging a Ping G15 9 degree with a stock ping stiff flex shaft. I happy with the distance (though it sometimes feels like it baloons a bit) and I play a nice little fade most of the time.. I’m considering purchasing a Titleist 910 D3 9.5 degree with an Aldila Rip stiff shaft. With a swing speed between 100-105, what sort of performance can I expect out of the 910 D3? Thanks!

    • Hey Matt – your Ping shaft is 60gram, 5.8 degree torque – which is quite high for torque especially at your swing speed, and this likely explains the ballooning and likely some spraying as well. If you were to switch to the Aldila – you’ll notice a bunch of changes, first off, your ball flight will go down, and ballooning shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The Aldila RIP Alpha is designed to launch the ball lower, with less spin. Secondly, you will notice a dramatic change in feel – depending on your swing type (smooth or quick) it may or may not have an affect. The torque on the Alpha is about half that of your TFC Ping shaft. If you’re a fan of hitting the ball a little higher you may want to consider the Rip Beta series or Phenom, as this shaft also has a little extra torque to keep the feel sort of similar. In terms of weight you shouldn’t feel much of a difference between a 50/60 gram Aldila. I’d recommend the lighter model to help retain some of your feel lost from the difference in torque.

      Good luck!

  58. Hi.

    I live in the UK. Have been using Callaway FT5 8.5 degree neutral with Graffaloy nano fuse epic 68 stiff shaft. Was never very keen on the club although i hit it pretty well, straight with slight draw sometimes. The ball flight was quite low sometimes with good roll. Average carry around 260 yards with 30 yard roll in the summer. Broke the shaft and i wanted to try out the TM RBZ 9degree Tour with Stock Matrix ozik HD6 TP stiff shaft. Been to the range with it 3 times now. Kept it on std loft, carry about 270 yards if hit straight, that is once every 20th drive, the rest are all fades!! Im not doing anything different to my swing (never had SS measured) quite a quick swing tempo by what friends have told me. I also had a round with a demo Titleist 913 D2 9.5 degree with aldila RIP alpha 60 stiff between breaking my old driver and buying the RBZ. Every drive i hit went straight, high (no ballooning) and long, not plenty of roll. I loved this club with the shaft, just bit too high with not enough roll. Seeing as i cant afford to buy a titleist now after buying the RBZ, I would just like to know if you could give me a suggestion of what shaft you think i should get for the RBZ please. Did like the Nanofuse epic, Loved the RIP, just want something to lower trajectory slightly.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Wpener – thanks for your question, and I apologize for the late reply. Hmm, this is going to be a little tough without seeing your swing, but I’ll give it a shot. The shaft your complaining about fading is 67g, 3.4 Torque, Low/Mid Trajectory and Firm Tip. I’d think with your quick tempo – this should be about right, and frankly this shaft compared to the rip – 63g, 2.9 torque, low trajectory, firm tip – is very similar. The fade could be coming from one of three things – the shaft is too stiff (which I doubt is the issue here), the tip is too stiff (which is possible if your tempo isn’t as quick as you think it is), or finally just your swing caused it. To be honest I’ve always found Titleist hit the ball pretty high, and you may find the RIP works great in the RBZ (only problem is it looks like a custom option only). If you’re looking for shafts with an even lower trajectory than the RIP, you’re looking at a pretty short list – The Diamana Ahina or Diamana D-series (whiteboard), Aldila Phenom NL shaft or Matrix M3 Black tie. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply. Can i send you a video of my swing please? If not i’ll have to get fitted for my driver.

        Thank you

  59. I have been using a KZG Driver Head with a BiMatrx Rocket Regular shaft for many years. Looking for a shaft that will provide me same features as the Graffaloy Bimatrx rocket. The steel tip controlled my drives. I hit the ball medium flight and swing speed around 101mph. I was leaning toward RIP Phenom? Any suggestions?

    • Hey Paul – I think the phenom would be a good fit for your swing and trajectory needs. Sadly I couldn’t find any specs for your current driver, but here’s what I can recommend. You need a regular shaft likely with a mid trajectory with a firm (likely not stip) tip. The Reg Rip Phenom 60 is 53 grams, 3.6 torque, mid trajectory and firm tip – and should be right up your alley.

  60. Hi. Great writeup by the way! So I’m in the market for a different shaft. My current driver is a TM R1 with the stock “made for” Aldila RIP Phenom stiff shaft (58g, 3.4 torque). Most of the time, my shots have a very high trajectory so I’m looking for something to lower it. I’m looking at the Aldila RIP Alpha 60 stiff and hoping this will alleviate the problem. My average drive with my R1 is anywhere between 240-270 and my swing speed is probably about 100-105mph (it was 95-100mph several years ago but I’m in much better shape now and hitting a tad farther so I imagine this is about right). So would the Aldila RIP Alpha 60 stiff be about right? Or would you recommend something else? Thanks in advance!

  61. Hi. After struggling with my driving for quiet some time I went for a change, got a lesson from my PGA Pro who advised the driver I had did not suit and advised me to get a firmer tip shaft. He recommended a Ping G20 10.5 loft with what he called a “special” shaft which is an Aldila RIP’D NV 65 4.4 Regular with the Green Eyes on the scull. He mentioned that the torque in this shaft would suit me better. My swing speed is 95-105mph and rising. I am happy with the club and am getting there with the swing fixes I am working on – but still a work in progress. I get alot of height but importantly am getting a good bit of extra distance, improved accuracy and more feel. What is this shaft about – what am I dealing with – who is it meant for – how does the torque give effect? I have not found any references to it yet on the internet.

    • Hey Joe – sorry for the late response this was off my radar. The pro calling it a ‘special’ shaft is in reference to the fact that this shaft is likely made for the Ping Driver. It does not have the same specs as the regular NV shafts – although its very similar. The original is 69 grams, but the other specs are the same. The RIP NV has its 4.4 torque, and this will give you a fair bit of feel on your shots, which should be a good fit for your swing speed. this shaft was big on tour for some time (and actually it is the current shaft I’m using in my driver). Here is the stock shaft page for your reference:

  62. hi guru nned some advice iam playing an r11s 9 deg with ahina 60s (real not oem)i play of 8 and iam high hitter i find i really have to go after this shaft to get it working which is ok but is quiet tiring need a shaft similar that needs a little loading any help woul be appreciated i play in ireland alot of wind so need a shaft that does nt baloon many thanks trevor

  63. Hey Trevor. Here’s a few shafts with similar specs (identical torque, and trajectory), but slightly softer tip that may be right up your alley, and should help reduce the feeling you have of being tired after going after it.

    Diamana D-Series 63
    Matrix OZIK HM3 85 (heavier shaft)
    Fujikura Motore F3 60 (mid trajectory though)

    The RIP 60- Stiff would also be a pretty close match.

    Good luck!

  64. Hey shanks
    I have a cb4 with a stiff rip 60 and have trouble making decent contact with it. A lot of dead feeling snap hooks. I tried a rbz tour 10.5 with an x flex graphite design Pershing shaft and smoked it 320 on the launch monitor. What is the main difference with the two setups? Ss about 115 -120.


    • Hi Dan I’m going to try to answer both your questions here. The RIP Sigma is a made-for shaft for Exotics and I’ll assume you’re gaming an x-stiff? The x-stiff is 64g, mid-high launch and a 3.2 torque. The biggest difference between this and the Alpha is the launch – the Alpha will be launching it much lower. The torque is also quite a bit lower on the Alpha, which for someone of your swing speed shouldn’t be a prob. The Pershing shaft is a little outdated, not sure if you’re playing the X-flex 65 or 75 version, but it carries a 3.4 and 3 torque respectively – and has a mid-low launch. To be honest the only major difference specs-wise between all these shafts is the launch.. it is possible as well that you were hitting the heavier Pershing shaft with your swing speed, so you may want to give the RIP 70 a try, but if you really want another option The Matrix 6Q3 White Tie X-stiff and TP6HD would be similar to the Pershing. In the Aldila brand – the NL x-stiff or the RIP’s should be up your alley – the word on the street is that they they are slightly lower trajectory than their claimed “low-mid”. Good luck!

  65. Could you list some specifications of the Callaway Imix versions of the Aldila RIP shafts in there different flexs. I am specifically looking for senior flex details of the Razr Hawk version. Thanks.

  66. Hey guys –

    I currently play a Callaway Ft-3 tour driver 9*, with a graffaloy pro launch blue 65 gm stiff. I have a swing speed between 95-110. My avg drive is about 265. Different days different measures. Anyway, I want to invest in a new driver and my biggest issue is trying to figure out a good starting point. I like the graffaloy blue, but what is something current that will give a similar feel and performance. I would like to bump up some distance without sacrificing too much control. I figured newer technology would help. Any suggestions at least related to shafts?



  67. Hi! Does the Taylormade R1 TP Aldila Rip Phenom 65 = the Aldila ” ” 60 in the non-TM? It looks like the specs are slightly different and doesn’t list a 65. Reason I ask is that I love my old driver, a Taylormade R7 460 with the stock S flex Fujikura 60, exept I balloon the ball a bit with a 10.5 degree loft and it goes about 235 – 250, no roll. SS is around 102-105. After doing a fitting, I purchased the R1 TP with the 65 S flex Aldila and I thought it would be the ticket. Launch monitor showed about 2800 RPM and about 275 yrds total on 9.5 degree. First round with the new driver I was hitting it quite a bit lower than the R7 with less carry, but maybe 10 yards longer after roll – to only 250 – 260 or so. Should I look for a different shaft? Seems to hit kinda like a 2×4!

    Thanks for any replies,

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  69. I game a RIP Alpha 70 Stiff in my Adams 9064 Driver, thanks in large part to you! Now, I’m looking at a Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme with either a Aldila Trinity or Black Tie 7M3. My ss is 115 mph with a lot of spin. My handicap is 1.1

    Can you please make a recommendation? OH, & everyone tells me to go X flex regardless of the shaft, agree?

    Thank You!

  70. Hi shanks,

    I just bought a 913 d3 10.5 degree and feel like it is not stiff enough. I have an average swing speed of 105. The blue board shaft is in it now and I’m having a too high of a tajectory and high spin. What would be the best shaft replacement for me.(maybe best adilla) Thanks so much.
    Hit em straight.

    • Hey Cameron – not sure exactly which blueboard you’re using, the weights change, but anyway, here’s some advice if you’re suffering from a higher trajectory/high spin – really you’ll want something with a stiffer tip. Generally the shafts with more weight behind them – like 70g-90g will have stiffer tips, so don’t rule those out when testing. Depending on the weight of your shaft, your tip stiffness can change dramatically. 4.4 (50g R) to 2.4 (70g X) in the Blueboard from what I can find. Also look for shafts with lower launch. Good luck to you!

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