TaylorMade Rokka Roller Golf Bag Concepts

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Here’s a sneak peak at some concept golf bags that TaylorMade has mocked up – the Rokka Roller golf bags. These appeared recently on the MyGolfspy.com forum, they have a couple more pics of these new golf bag designs on their site (you may have to be a member to view them). Enjoy!

Rokka Roller Taylormade Concept Bagstaylormade rokka roller golf bags 2012


  1. This bag looks so gay what young golfer in there right mind first of all would play with this? and second it probably weighs a ton with all of that hard plastic, and how is it going to be possible to pull the bag up hill with that little shitty handle. 😐

  2. These are so cool! Im a young golfer and all my mates said they would buy them, please make them. Really cool

  3. looks like a real nice bag but would need to know more about it weight, materials, that sort of thing and how easy is it to pull uphill downhill. All that said it looks like a great bag.

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