Titleist D1, Nickent 3DX Square, Detour Newport

Hey everyone. The new products continue to roll into the shop and customers have been very eager to try them out. I've gathered a few comments and thought I'd throw them into a post. 

The Titleist 907D1 and 907D2 drivers have made the biggest splash. It's strange to think that a "traditional" company like Titleist would come out with something as untraditional as the 907D1. This club features one of the highest MOI's out there and can make some very bad miss hits into very good shots. The D2 is a bit more traditional and most customers agree that it is more forgiving than previous Titleist drivers. Sounds like there may be another Titleist fairway wood in the works… we'll keep you updated!
We just got the Nickent 3Dx Square in stock but people haven't been able to hit it yet. The 3DX looks great and Nickent Golf might have a winner on their hands. What better way to increase brand recognition than to have a great looking, well priced driver in the very popular "square" market. I'm eager to hit it and am interested to see what others have to say!
We have also had the Scotty Cameron Detour Newport in stock for a while. This one is getting more looks than the original Detour… it's more traditional look draws people to it. Lots of positive feedback here but it's price keep people from leaving with it.
Speaking of putters… there may be a few new SeeMore putters on the way. I'll dig a bit and see what I can find. It's been a great year for SeeMore (Zach Johnson used one at the Masters) and a few new additions would only add to the excitement.
I think that's all for now. Talk to you soon!! 

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