TaylorMade Patents "White" & Titleist's Groovy Dimples

Taylormade patent all-white driverOver at, there are two patents of particular interest that I thought I would share with you today.  Both these patents are quite comical.  First up, Cobra Golf may have been the first company to release an all-white driver to the public with their Cobra ZL Limited Edition model.  However, long before this, there were rumors abound about TaylorMade releasing their new R11 in a “ghosted” or “all-white” finish.  It appears TaylorMade may be a little angry, so angry in fact that they went ahead an put a patent on the “all-white” clubhead.

Description of Mark: The color(s) white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the color white applied to the entire surface of a golf club head and a shaft of contrasting color. The dotted lines and diagonal-lined shaft are intended to show the position of the mark and are not part of the mark as shown.

See the full post here : TaylorMade White Patent


Next up, Acushnet has recently applied for a patent on some truly unique dimples.  I swear the engineers got the idea for this pattern after receiving their breath mints from some restaurant. Have a look, and here’s a little about what the patent says about it…

acushnet dimple patternA golf ball includes an outer land surface and a plurality of dimples formed thereon. The dimples comprise protrusions on the inner surface of the dimple to energize or agitate the airflow over the dimpled surfaces to increase the aerodynamic performance of the golf ball. These protrusions include rotational elements arranged in various configurations and are fully contained within the dimple perimeter and do not extend beyond a chordal plane of the dimple. By improving the aerodynamic of the airflow over the dimpled surface of the golf ball, the outer land surface of the golf ball may remain robust to prevent premature wear and tear on the golf ball.

See the full post here: Acuschnet Dimple Pattern.

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