2011 Callaway Footwear

Good evening everyone. Callaway has made some real progress in the footwear market. I can remember when they first came out with shoes. We took some at our shop figuring the hardcore Callaway guys would jump all over them because of the brand name. We weren’t expecting much in the way of quality or comfort.. we expected that they would be around for a few years and then they’d fade away. Wow… were we ever wrong. People loved them!

The company recently unveiled their 2011 line… it looks to be a nice mix of classic styles and sporty offerings. You can see the full line on the Callaway website but here are a few pics to get you started.

2011 Callaway Solaire Shoes

The 2011 Callaway Solaire Family of Shoes

The 2011 Callaway Hyperbolic XL Shoe

The 2011 Callaway Hyperbolic XL

The 2011 Callaway FT Chev Blucher

The 2011 Callaway FT Chev Blucher

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