Ryan Moore Signs With Adams Golf

The logo-less Ryan Moore will be sporting the Adams Golf name next year. Moore chose to play the 2009 season without endorsement deals.. allowing him to play and wear whatever he wanted. It was actually kind of refreshing to see a player play (and win) as an equipment “free agent”.

Well… times have changed. Moore became both part owner and pitch man for Scratch Golf and True Linkswear over the past year and he has now signed an endorsement deal with Adams Golf.

Moore will play Adams equipment, wear their hat and carry their bag. During his “play with whatever I want” period, Moore used an Adams driver and hybrids so this change did have a bit of history to it.

This signing has also officially ended the relationship between Moore and Scratch Golf. A Scratch press release mentioned that Ryan has given up his stake in the company.

Ryan Moore Signs With Adams Golf

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